Here’s Every Vegan Option at Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is like a lumberjack-themed version of Hooters. All their marketing is about being “manly,” and their gift cards are called “Man Cards.” I wasn’t expecting a ton of vegan options… But there was actually a decent selection! … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill isn’t particularly exciting for vegans: There’s no mock meats or vegan desserts. Heck, the fries aren’t even vegan. That said, they make it pretty easy to get a bunch of vegetables and rice. And if you’re there … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Good Times

Good Times is pretty vegan-friendly for a burger place. They have two different ways to order a vegan black bean burger, and three kinds of fries! Heck, even their “Cookie Dough” dessert topping is vegan, if you want to … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Taco Bueno

Taco Bueno isn’t very flashy about having vegan options. They don’t have Beyond Meat or vegan cheese or anything. Heck, their refried beans aren’t even vegan. But if you look closely, they’ve actually got some great vegan options, including … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Fazoli’s

Where can you go to get an unlimited supply of free vegan breadsticks? Well, I know of at least one place—Fazoli’s! Yep, it’s true. And today, I’m using my 13 years of vegan dining experience to help you map … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Chuck E. Cheese’s

At first glance, Chuck E. Cheese’s looks horrible for vegans. Pizza… Wings… Cake… But when you look closer, there are a surprising number of vegan options—including desserts! As a vegan with 13 years of dining experience, I can help … Read more

What Are the Vegan Options at BurgerIM?

BurgerIM is pretty good for us vegans. They don’t only have one vegan burger—they have two! I mean, sure, the selection of sides could be better… And the lack of ingredients online makes it hard to plan your meal … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Pinkberry

Pinkberry is a pretty fun place to go as a vegan. Not only do they have a line of dairy-free frozen yogurts—they also have “Just Fruit” sorbets that are kinda almost healthy! The exact options depend on the day … Read more