Are Club Crackers Vegan?

Club Crackers are often described as “buttery” in taste. But what if I told you they contained no butter whatsoever? Well, as it happens, this is not just a hypothetical question! Club Crackers are in fact dairy-free. And there’s more good news. Club Crackers are generally considered vegan. They contain no dairy, no eggs, no … Read more

Is Cream Soda Vegan? I Checked 10 Popular Brands

The first ever “cream soda” recipe was published in 1852 in a publication called Michigan Farmer. It included both milk and egg. However, today’s “cream soda” is a different story. And that’s good news if you’re vegan! Store-bought cream soda is generally vegan. Out of the 10 brands of cream soda I checked, none contained … Read more

Vegan Crouton Brands: 13 Store-Bought Options

Salads are probably the healthiest meals you can eat—and they’re one of the vegan options that’s available almost everywhere. The tricky part? Finding vegan croutons. Luckily for you, I just checked the ingredients for 100+ store-bought croutons to find the vegan options! Are Croutons Vegan? Most croutons are not vegan, as they usually contain cheese, … Read more

Vegan Graham Cracker Brands: Full List [57 Products Checked]

Graham crackers are often seen as synonymous with honey, and therefore not vegan-friendly. However, I recently decided to challenge this assumption. I went and checked 57 different graham cracker products to find out how many vegan options we actually have. I found 14 vegan graham cracker options: Annie’s Organic Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams Annie’s Organic … Read more

How Is Cuttlebone Harvested? (And 6 Cuttlebone Alternatives)

Did you know: Cuttlebones are not actually “bones.” And the animal they come from—cuttlefish—are not actually “fish”… Very deceitful names, right? Well, you don’t have to be deceived any longer. In this post, I’m sharing the truth of how cuttlebones are harvested. Cuttlebones are harvested from dead cuttlefish (a type of cephalopod). Cuttlefish are commercially … Read more

What Exactly Is a “Milk Derivative”?

I’m not usually a big fan of increasing legal restrictions on how companies label their products. But there are some frustrating misuses of the terms “non-dairy” and “dairy-free” out there today. For example, when you buy a “non-dairy” product and then find it contains “a milk derivative.” What exactly are “milk derivatives”? And what are … Read more