How to Clean Vegan Leather: A Step-by-Step Guide

Despite our best efforts to keep our lives orderly, sometimes your favorite fake leather items will get dirty. Perhaps very dirty. But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with this complete guide to cleaning vegan leather—whether for your shoes, couch, jacket, or car seats. Four steps to clean vegan leather: Immediately remove the mess with … Read more

Here Are the 4 Best Vegan Silk Pillowcase Alternatives (2020)

Pillowcases can have a big effect on your skin and hair. That’s why it’s essential to pay special attention to what they’re made of. Vegan silk pillowcases are healthy, soft, and guilt-free. Wondering which one to go for? We’re here to help! In this article, we’ll review the 4 best vegan silk pillowcases. 4 Options … Read more

Are There Vegan Blundstones? (Guide to Vegan Chelsea Boots)

There are a lot of brands that been recently releasing vegan shoes. And this trend goes outside just your basic tennis shoes. If you’re a Blundstone lover, I have good news for you! As eco-friendly trends are rising, plenty of brands are now producing vegan Blundstones. Below is everything you need to know about these … Read more

Here Are the 8 Best Vegan Baseball Gloves (2020)

When most people hear the words “baseball glove,” they picture a leather glove. And indeed, if you go shopping for baseball gloves, you’ll quickly find hundreds of leather options. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with us vegan baseball players. However, there are more and more synthetic vegan options coming out all the time. Below are … Read more

Is Vegan Leather Durable? (Vegan Leather vs Real Leather)

Vegan Dress Shoes for Men

If you’re going vegan for ethical reasons, you’ll likely be making a switch from buying real leather to man-made materials. Luckily, these “fake leather” goods will often cost less. But will your “vegan leather” boots last as long as real leather? Is vegan leather durable? Vegan leather tends to be less durable than real leather. … Read more

Can You Be Catholic and Vegan?

“Then God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit contains seed. They will be yours for food.’ – Genesis 1:29 Today’s question is about veganism and religion—specifically, Catholicism. A lot of people probably don’t immediately think of Catholics as a group … Read more

Here Are 5 of the Best Vegan Sandals for Men (2020)

vegan sandals

Did you know that over 30% of shoes sold in the US are vegan? Yet, shopping for vegan-friendly sandals can be a bit of a challenge, as they may not be available from some of the most familiar brands. Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best vegan sandals for men in 2020. I’ll also … Read more

Here Are the 5 Best Vegan Leather Wallets for Men (2020)

best vegan leather wallets

From wallets to shoes to jackets, vegan alternatives to leather have absolutely exploded over the past decade. Today, let’s look at some of the best vegan wallets currently on the market! Here are my picks for the top 5 vegan leather wallets for men: The Vegan Collection: Black Armstrong Trifold Wallet Access Denied (A.D.): Vegan … Read more