18 Vegan Stereotypes and Myths—DEBUNKED for Good

Vegan stereotypes and myths

If you ask a bunch of vegans what is the hardest part of being vegan, many will agree, it’s the uninformed things people say to you! People all want to know where you get your protein. They assume you’re a hippie or a communist. Then they try to hold you accountable for something PETA did. … Read more

Vegan Timberlands: The Ultimate Buying Guide (2020)

vegan timberlands?

Did you know vegan Timberlands actually exist? Yes, you can wear these stylish boots without feeling guilty—and today, we’ll be helping you do exactly that! In this article, we’ll be presenting you with reviews of 6 of the best vegan Timberlands, as well as a detailed buying guide, so you can land the perfect deal. … Read more

Here Are 13 of the Best Vegan Sneakers for Men (2020)

Best Vegan Sneakers

Sneakers today come in all different styles. Not all are vegan—but luckily, many are made from synthetic materials and don’t include any animal products! Whether you’re looking for something extra colorful for your morning jogs or just some everyday sneakers for comfort, check out all the options you have below! Our Top Choices Here are … Read more

Do Girls Like Vegan Guys? The Truth.

Do Girls Like Vegan Guys? The Truth.

I keep seeing people online ask about the dating dynamics for vegan guys and whether being vegan is attractive to women. I knew my own experience, but I decided to do some research and see what the common experience is for vegan guys. So, do girls like vegan guys? Vegan girls definitely like vegan guys. … Read more

24 Ways to Get Your Family to Try More Vegan Food

24 Ways To Get Your Family To Try More Vegan Food

So, you’re vegan. But your family members… not so much. Maybe they’re hesitant to even try the vegan foods you offer them. Eating together is often a central part of family life, so this can be hard. Today, let’s talk about strategies for bridging the gap with non-vegan family members. How do you get your … Read more