Is Turbinado Sugar Vegan? (“Raw Sugar”)

Is turbinado sugar vegan?

Sugar can be a perplexing subject for new vegans because a lot of white cane sugar gets processed using animal bone char. There’s a whole big vegan debate about refined sugar and whether we need to boycott it or … Read more

Is Croscarmellose Sodium Vegan? (E468)

is croscarmellose sodium vegan

The other day, I saw the ingredient “croscarmellose sodium” listed on the package for some multivitamins. Besides that one ingredient, all the other ingredients seemed very simple and straight-forward… So as a label-reading vegan, I became curious. Is croscarmellose … Read more

Is Lactobacillus Vegan? Does It Contain Dairy?

is lactobacillus vegan

For vegans and those with lactose/dairy issues, any ingredient including “lacto” in the name tends to raise concerns. But as we’ve seen with other ingredients (like lactic acid), it doesn’t always mean the food contains milk. So what about … Read more

Are Elephants Vegan?

Are elephants vegan?

To combat the idea that vegans are small and weak, many of us like to cite the fact that elephants, gorillas, and other big animals eat vegan diets, too. But in my 14 years of being vegan, I’ve actually … Read more

Is Potassium Sorbate Vegan?

Is potassium sorbate vegan?

I recently saw “potassium sorbate” listed in the ingredients for some apple cider I was drinking. Turns out, it’s a common food preservative. But since I’m a nerdy vegan who likes to know what I’m actually eating, I decided … Read more

Is Propylene Glycol Vegan? And Is It Safe?

is propylene glycol vegan

Would it be worrisome for you to discover that one of your food ingredients is also an ingredient in antifreeze? Well, that’s the case with propylene glycol—and it does concern some people. As a compulsive vegan label reader, I … Read more