Vegan Pesto Brands: Full List [90 Products Analyzed]

As I’ve been writing vegan guides to restaurants this year, I’ve encountered pesto a few times. Typically, the allergen menu for the restaurant will say it’s not vegan, as it contains dairy. But I knew there could be more to the answer. So I studied 90 products to finally answer the question… Is pesto vegan? … Read more

Are Corn Flakes Vegan? [With 10 Off-Brands Compared]

Corn Flakes are made of corn. So it should be pretty simple to declare them vegan, right? Well, unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than that. Allow me to use my 13 years of vegan experience to guide you through this issue. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are generally considered vegan. However, they do contain sugar and … Read more

Which Stuffing Brands Are Vegan? [63 Products Analyzed]

Sometimes it’s funny which products are actually vegan. Stuffing is typically made to be eaten with turkey or chicken—so it’s often part of very non-vegan meals. However, that doesn’t mean stuffing itself is never vegan. Out of 63 stuffing products I analyzed, 33 were vegan, while 30 were not vegan. The most common animal ingredients … Read more

Are Corn Pops Vegan?

I Gotta Have My Pops… But wait… Ever since going vegan, I haven’t actually checked: Are Corn Pops vegan? That’s what we will cover today! Corn Pops are generally considered vegan. However, it does contain sugar and vitamin D3, which are gray-area ingredients that some vegans avoid. Chocolate Peanut Butter Corn Pops also contain “natural … Read more

11 Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Brands (And 4 With Anchovies)

Worcestershire sauce traditionally contains anchovies. This has caused problems over the years, as some people with fish allergies aren’t aware of it. But nowadays, do most brands still have anchovies? I reviewed 15 brands, and found 11 were fully vegan! 11 vegan Worcestershire sauce brands: 365 Organic Annie’s Cole’s Essential Everyday Fountain Kroger Lord Sandy’s … Read more

Are Cocoa Pebbles Vegan?

Chocolate is great. Cereal is great. And yet, somehow chocolate cereal manages to be even greater than the sum of its parts. Cocoa Pebbles is one of the classic chocolate cereals on the market today. Is it vegan-friendly? Cocoa Pebbles are generally considered vegan. However, they do contain sugar, natural flavor, and vitamin D3, which … Read more

Are Apple Jacks Vegan?

Did you know the original name for Apple Jacks was “Apple Os”? It kind of makes more sense, when you think about it. But anyway—we’re not here to talk about the name of Apple Jacks. We’re here to check if it’s vegan! Apple Jacks are generally considered vegan. They contain no blatant meat, dairy, or … Read more