11 Vegan Hamburger Buns You Can Find in Stores

Burger buns can be a funny but frustrating topic for vegans. Occasionally, restaurants will start serving a veggie burger… but the bun will still contain dairy. Fail! Luckily for you, I’ve analyzed 90 products to find the 49 buns (about 54%) that are actually vegan.

Some of the best brands for vegan hamburger buns are Dave’s Killer Bread, Wonder Bread, Ball Park, Nature’s Own, Arnold, 365 (Whole Foods), Rudi’s Bakery, Aunt Millie’s, Food For Life, Sara Lee, and Franz. For other brands, be careful as some have ingredients like milk which makes them non-vegan!

Below, I’ll review which options are vegan from each brand. I’ll also address some popular hamburger bun brands that are not vegan so that there’s no confusion!

Vegan Hamburger Bun Brands

Let’s start by taking a quick visual tour of 11 vegan hamburger bun options you’re likely to see in stores. Then we can dig deeper into the “how to check if the hamburger buns are vegan” after that.

I’ll note a few cases where these brands are only likely to be found in a specific store (like 365, which is a store brand for Whole Foods). But most of these brands are found in common stores like Target, Kroger, Walmart, Publix, Safeway, Costco, Sprouts, and more.

1. Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave’s Killer Bread hamburger buns are confirmed vegan. Not only do they lack any dairy, egg, or honey—they are also made with organic sugar. This means even the strictest vegans will be satisfied, as organic sugar is not filtered with bone char.

These will likely be shelved with the “organic” or “natural” bread and buns, if your grocery store separates those from the normal bread and buns. Here are the two options you have:

BunsAre They Vegan?
21 Whole Grains and Seeds Burger BunsVegan
Burger Buns Done RightVegan
Are Dave’s Killer Bread Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

2. Wonder Bread

Most Wonder Bread hamburger buns are vegan. The Honey Buns and Honey Sliders contain honey, but none of the Wonder Bread buns contain dairy, egg, or other animal ingredients.

Here’s the full list of Wonder Bread buns, with the vegan status for each:

BunsAre They Vegan?
Classic Hamburger BunsVegan
Seeded Hamburger Buns (Restaurant Style)Vegan
Grill King Hamburger BunsVegan
Honey BunsNo (Contains Honey)
Honey SlidersNo (Contains Honey)
Sesame Twist RollsVegan
Dinner RollsVegan
Country RollsVegan
Are Wonder Bread Buns Vegan?

3. Ball Park

Most Ball Park hamburger buns are vegan. However, their “Golden Hamburger Buns” contain honey.

Here’s the full breakdown of burger buns from Ball Park:

BunsAre They Vegan?
Hamburger BunsVegan
Golden Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Honey)
Tailgaters Gourmet White XL BunsVegan
Are Ball Park Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

4. Nature’s Own

Nature’s Own has one line of vegan hamburger buns called “100% Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns.” However, their “Butter Buns” and “Brioche Style” hamburger buns contain butter.

Here’s the full breakdown:

BunsAre They Vegan?
Hamburger Butter BunsNo (Contains Butter)
100% Whole Wheat Hamburger BunsVegan
Perfectly Crafted Brioche Style Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Butter)
Are Nature’s Own Hamburger Buns Vegan?

5. Arnold

Arnold hamburger buns are vegan. None of their five burger bun products were found to contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Take note that these same products are also sold under the brand names Brownberry and Oroweat depending on location. From what I can tell, the ingredients are the same in each, but you may want to double check to confirm that.

Here’s the bun breakdown:

BunsAre They Vegan?
Country Potato Sandwich BunsVegan
Sesame Seeded Sandwich BunsVegan
100% Whole Wheat Sandwich BunsVegan
Country White Sandwich BunsVegan
Crustini Sandwich BunsVegan
Are Arnold Hamburger Buns Vegan?

6. 365 (Whole Foods)

365 (Whole Foods) hamburger buns are vegan. All four burger buns I was able to find by 365 were free of animal ingredients. These will only be found at Whole Foods Market. Here’s the breakdown of options:

BunsAre They Vegan?
White Hamburger BunsVegan
Whole Wheat Hamburger BunsVegan
Organic Hamburger Buns (Classic White)Vegan
Organic Hamburger Buns (Whole Wheat)Vegan
Are 365 Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

7. Rudi’s Bakery

Rudi’s hamburger buns are vegan. All three flavors—White, Wheat, and 100% Whole Wheat—are free of animal ingredients. Here’s the breakdown:

BunsAre They Vegan?
100% Whole Wheat BunsVegan
Wheat Hamburger BunsVegan
White Hamburger BunsVegan
Are Rudi’s Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

8. Aunt Millie’s

Most Aunt Millie’s hamburger buns are vegan. However, there are three non-vegan flavors: Hearth Butter Hamburger Buns, Hearth Hawaiian Hamburger Buns, and Stadium Honey Hamburger Buns.

Here’s the full list of Aunt Millie’s burger buns and whether they’re vegan:

BunsAre They Vegan?
Artisan Style Sandwich RollsVegan
Brioche Hamburger BunsVegan
Classic Hamburger BunsVegan
Deli Beef BunsVegan
Deli Onion BunsVegan
Double Decker Seeded BunsVegan
Hearth Butter Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Butter, Cultured Cream)
Hearth Hawaiian Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Honey)
Hearth Whole Grain Hamburger BunsVegan
Johnsonville Deluxe White Hamburger BunsVegan
Perfection 1901 Deli Onion BunsVegan
Stadium Honey Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Honey)
Stadium White Hamburger BunsVegan
Are Aunt Millie’s Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

9. Food For Life

Food For Life hamburger buns are vegan. You may know them as “Ezekial 4:9” buns. They are free of animal ingredients.

These are another “natural food” option. You may be most likely to find it in Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or health food co-ops. And these may be in the freezer. Here’s the breakdown of options:

BunsAre They Vegan?
Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame Sprouted Grain Burger BunsVegan
Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Burger BunsVegan
Sprouted Whole Wheat Burger BunsVegan
Are Food For Life Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

10. Sara Lee

Four out of the nine Sara Lee hamburger buns I checked were vegan. The non-vegan options contained vitamin D3 (derived from lanolin from sheep’s wool) and milk, which are somewhat uncommon ingredients for hamburger buns.

Here’s the breakdown of burger bun flavors:

BunsAre They Vegan?
Restaurant Style Sesame Seed Hamburger BunsVegan
Restaurant Style White Hamburger BunsVegan
Soft & Smooth White Hamburger BunsGray Area (Contains Vitamin D3)
Soft & Smooth Whole Grain White Hamburger BunsGray Area (Contains Vitamin D3)
Soft & Smooth 100% Whole Wheat Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Milk, Vitamin D3)
Artesano Bakery BunsVegan
Delightful Wheat Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Honey)
Sweet Hawaiian Sandwich BunsVegan
Hearty & Delicious Sesame Seed Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Milk)
Are Sara Lee Hamburger Buns Vegan?

11. Franz

Most Franz hamburger buns are vegan. However, the Hawaiian Hamburger Buns contain butter, milk, and egg ingredients. Here’s the breakdown of options:

BunsAre They Vegan?
Keto BunsVegan
Classic Hamburger BunsVegan
Sesame Hamburger BunsVegan
Hawaiian Hamburger BunsNo (Contains Butter, Milk, Egg)
Classic SlidersVegan
Wheat Hamburger BunsVegan
Premium Kaiser BunsVegan
Premium Sesame BunsVegan
Premium Onion BunsVegan
Premium Potato BunsVegan
Are Franz Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

Are Hamburger Buns Vegan?

Roughly half of the hamburger buns on the market are vegan (by my definition). I analyzed the ingredients for 90 hamburger bun products, and I found that I’d consider 49 vegan, which is 54%.

For the purposes of this study, I did not count sugar or “natural flavors” as animal products—even though sugar may be filtered with bone char, and natural flavors can be derived from animals.

I did count all dairy, eggs, and honey as non-vegan, however. I also noted when vitamin D3 derived from sheep’s wool was an ingredient. Below I’ll show you all the results in easy-to-browse tables.

Do Hamburger Buns Have Dairy?

The majority of hamburger buns do not contain dairy, milk, or lactose. However, a significant percentage still do. Usually, it shows up in the form of nonfat milk or butter.

Here’s a list of where I found dairy products in hamburger buns:

  • Nonfat Milk in every Pepperidge Farm burger bun (and butter in some, too)
  • Nonfat Milk in every version of Martin’s Potato Rolls
  • Butter in some Nature’s Own buns
  • Butter and cultured cream in Aunt Millie’s Hearth Hawaiian Buns
  • Milk in two buns by Sara Lee
  • Butter and Milk in the Hawaiian buns by Franz

Do Hamburger Buns Have Eggs?

Most hamburger buns do not contain eggs. However, a few buns out there do have eggs—such as those made by Udi’s and Vermont Bread Company.

It wasn’t too surprising that Udi’s buns contain egg whites, as they focus on gluten-free products. As I covered in my blog post “Are There Eggs in Bread?” it is quite common for gluten-free bread products to contain egg whites.

Finding eggs in Vermont Bread Company buns was more surprising—but oh well.

Non-Vegan Hamburger Bun Brands

Now let’s cover some common hamburger brands that disappoint us vegans. Upon inspection, the following brands had no vegan options when it came to their hamburger buns.

1. Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns

Pepperidge Farm hamburger buns are not vegan. They all contain nonfat milk. Some flavors also contain butter or honey.

Here is the full breakdown of buns from Pepperidge Farm, and why they’re not vegan:

BunsNon-Vegan Ingredients
100% Whole Wheat Hamburger BunsNonfat Milk
Golden Potato Hamburger BunsNonfat Milk
Onion Hamburger BunsNonfat Milk
Sesame Topped Hamburger BunsNonfat Milk
Sweet Hawaiian Hamburger BunsNonfat Milk
Farmhouse Buns ButterButter, Nonfat Milk
Farmhouse Buns Hearty WhiteNonfat Milk
Farmhouse Buns Rustic PotatoNonfat Milk
Farmhouse Buns Soft WhiteNonfat Milk
Farmhouse Buns SourdoughNonfat Milk
Butter SlidersButter, Nonfat Milk
Golden Potato SlidersNonfat Milk
Sesame Topped SlidersNonfat Milk
Sweet Hawaiian SlidersNonfat Milk
White SlidersNonfat Milk
Wheat SlidersHoney, Nonfat Milk
Are Pepperidge Farm Burger Buns Vegan? (Source)

2. Martin’s Potato Rolls

Martin’s Potato Rolls are not vegan, as they all contain dairy products. Here is the full breakdown of flavors and why they’re not vegan:

BunsNon-Vegan Ingredients
Sandwich Potato RollsNonfat Milk, Butter
Sliced Slider Potato RollsNonfat Milk, Butter
Dinner Potato RollsNonfat Milk, Butter
Party Potato RollsNonfat Milk, Butter
Big Marty’sNonfat Milk
Are Martin’s Potato Rolls Vegan?

3. Udi’s Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns

Udi’s gluten-free hamburger buns are not vegan. Both their “Whole Grain” and “Classic” hamburger buns contain egg whites.

Here’s the breakdown:

BunsNon-Vegan Ingredients
Whole Grain Hamburger BunsEgg Whites
Classic Hamburger BunsEgg Whites
Are Udi’s Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

4. Vermont Bread Company Buns

Vermont Bread Company hamburger buns are not vegan, as they all contain eggs. This is interesting because almost no other hamburger buns contain egg (except gluten-free ones).

Here’s the breakdown:

BunsNon-Vegan Ingredients
100% Whole Wheat Hamburger BunsEggs
100% Whole Wheat Slider BunsEggs
Potato Hamburger BunsEggs
Potato SlidersEggs
Are Vermont Bread Company Hamburger Buns Vegan? (Source)

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