Here Are 13 of the Best Vegan Sneakers for Men

Sneakers today come in all different styles. Not all are vegan—but luckily, many are made from synthetic materials and don’t include any animal products!

Whether you’re looking for something extra colorful for your morning jogs or just some everyday sneakers for comfort, check out all the options you have below!

Our Top Choices

Here are our top choices for men’s vegan sneakers today. I’ll start with best overall, best for the money, and then best running shoe!

Best Overall: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

The classic: Converse Chuck Taylors (Amazon link). They’re a long-time favorite—but they’re also vegan! No leather in these beauties.

The canvas upper and the rubber sole is classic, comfortable, and stylish. Classic Chucks are also quite durable and won’t break the bank. They’re some of the most affordable shoes in our whole list.

Although the high-top version is my personal favorite, Chucks do come in a low-top style as well. You can also get them in just about any color. There’s a vegan Chuck Taylor for every occasion!

Best for the Money: Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro

To determine the best shoe for the price, you really need to consider how much you’ll spend and how long the shoes will last.

At around $60, the Saucony Originals Men’s Jazz Low Pros aren’t the cheapest shoes on the market—but they’re a bargain for what you get.

These Jazz Low Pros won’t fall apart after just a few wears. And they’ve got a great, distinct style, too. In the end, you’ll be saving money by making this investment.

Best Running Shoes: ASICS Gel-Kayano 26

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes are a favorite amongst avid runners. Why? Comfort and wearability. Customers say it remains comfortable even after extended wear. Plus, it’s very durable.

However, it’s not just great for running. It’s cushioned in all the right places for other activities as well.

Distance runners and mall walkers alike will love this model. And, with so many available colors, there’s one for everyone.

But Wait… I’ve Got 10 More Great Vegan Sneakers

Of course, there are more than just the three great choices above when it comes to vegan shoes. With the growing awareness of the need for sustainability and cruelty-free products, vegan choices are becoming more and more readily available.

Onitsuka Tiger Men’s Serrano Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker

If you like the way these look, you better get out there and snatch them up right away! They sell like hotcakes! (Here’s an Amazon link.)

The creator of these shoes, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, dreamed of creating a shoe that embraced the unification of Japanese youth after the ending of WW2, all through sports. His company embodied that message, and he continues to do so with these eco-friendly, cruelty-free shoes.


  • Shoes are available in multiple color palettes. Some are colorful, others are neutral.
  • Many fans of this shoe are repeat buyers due to its comfort.
  • The story behind these shoes (above) is pretty neat.
  • It’s hard to even find a negative review of this sneaker! Fans are very loyal to this shoe.


  • One or two reviewers mentioned that the shoes were a bit narrow and caused some discomfort until they were broken in.

Macbeth McQueen

This one scores high on the list of favorites because it’s a slip-on model. Its design is simple and sleek, and the perfect shoe for a casual kind of day.

Fun fact: Macbeth Shoes were started by Tom DeLonge, who was a member of Blink 182 and is currently part of Angels and Airwaves. Each shoe has a tiny little replica guitar pick, a cute little nod to their musical beginnings.


  • The simple design can be worn often and with any kind of outfit.
  • The construction of this shoe has improved over the years, with better materials for more durability.
  • For a slip-on shoe, most people find these to be very comfortable.
  • The McQueen shoe is very affordable.


  • These can be a little harder to find than other vegan sneakers. They’re sold mainly through the Macbeth website.
  • There is very little arch support. It may need to be worn with insoles, which can lead to a tighter fit.

Native Apollo Moc Sneaker

These “fashion sneakers” are rather stylish! Check the current price on Amazon here. The synthetic upper has lots of holes in it, which is very characteristic of Native shoes. These holes serve a purpose, which you’ll read about in the “pros” below.


  • This shoe is simple and is unlikely to ever go out of style.
  • There are different colors available, serving a mostly monochromatic color scheme.
  • Textured sole that some wearers claim is like a foot massage.
  • The holes make the shoes airy, but also keep them from getting stinky. Magic!
  • Natives, by design, are very lightweight.


  • Some people don’t find the fit to be exactly right.
  • The shoestrings are on the weaker side—some people say theirs have broken from being pulled too hard.
  • There is a tag in the back of the shoe that many reviewers say is uncomfortable.

Ethletics Fair Sneaker Root II

I’ve gotten Ethletics sneakers several times because I love the company’s commitment to ethics. Not only are they vegan, but Ethletics shoes are made with certified fair-trade cotton.

This is a company that’s dedicated to doing better in the world and for our feet. The Root II’s come in many colors, and there are high-top options, too.

There’s nothing extra fancy about these, but they’re very practical and easy on the eyes. If you’re after something simple and not too crazy, these would be ideal.


  • The company values ethics in every possible area, through the entire creation process and supply chain.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Most reviews said the shoe was very well fitting in all areas.
  • Shoes are even responsibly packaged with no unnecessary paper or additional waste.
  • Ethletic also has some shoe models that look almost exactly like Converse Chuck Taylors, but produced in a more sustainable way.


  • Admittedly, Ethletic shoes aren’t very durable. They need to be replaced more often than other brands.
  • A high-priced shoe for the amount of time they last.
  • Can be tricky to find, as search engines assume you’re looking for “athletic” sneakers. And they’re not on Amazon. You can buy them here.

TOMS Men’s Cabrillo Cotton Ankle-High Fashion Sneaker

This TOMS design is about as simple as they come. But they look good, don’t they?! (Check the price and see more pics on Amazon.)

And TOMS donates one pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair that’s sold. This does make the company more appealing, doesn’t it? In addition to the shoes being vegan, your money is helping give someone a pair of shoes.


  • Customers say this shoe is a great fit.
  • The material used makes the shoe very lightweight and breathable. Many report it to be a very cool shoe, temperature-wise—but style-wise they look pretty cool, too.
  • Great bargain—much cheaper than a lot of other options!
  • You get to help out someone in need with a new pair of shoes.


  • As with most TOMS shoes, they’re a little stiff to begin with. They require a few wears to become fully “broken in.”
  • TOMS also tends to run small, so you may want to consider buying a size up.
  • Some TOMS sneakers are not vegan, so make sure you’re choosing from the specifically vegan line of shoes.

PO-ZU Pace V Men’s Sneakers

These shoes from PO-ZU score mega style points with their unique cork sole. The structure of the shoe appears similar to other sneakers, but the overall look is very earthy and natural. And slick. These shoes look great.

These kicks aren’t designed for heavy-duty gym activity, but they’re perfect for light exercise and walking.

Although relatively new to the sneaker world, Po-Zu’s been quick to develop a reputation for considering their effect on the environment, as well as the safety of their workers. Seems like a great, ethical company.


  • These are made without any solvents.
  • Made of unique materials from post-consumer materials, such as recycled polyester.
  • The insoles can be removed, just in case you want to take them out and add your own.
  • Because the soles are made from cork, they’re very springy and give you that extra pep in your step.
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle, but just a few times a year.


  • Some customers say the shoes get uncomfortable after wearing them for too long.
  • Sizing can be confusing… but it is good to know that Po-Zu’s customer service seems very engaged and willing to help anyone that needs assistance.
  • They’re not on Amazon, but you can buy them here.

Gola Mark Cox Vegan Men’s Sneakers

Gola makes soccer shoes, as well as footwear for badminton. More recently, they recognized the need for vegan shoes and got the job done—and on the lower end of the price spectrum, too (check current price on Amazon here).

These sneakers almost resemble a soccer-style shoe. They’re flat, with rubber toes and soles. The upper part of the shoes comes in a variety of materials and colors.


  • Gola fans say they are really comfortable.
  • Usually run a little wider than other shoes, which can be hard to find.
  • Very simple, no-frills design.
  • Lower price tag compared to other sneakers.


  • Reviewers warn that these shoes are not meant to be worn for running marathons—better for walking around.
  • They’re apparently a bit less durable than some other options.
  • Not great in the rain. These shoes absorb and hold lots of water, potentially causing wet, cold feet.

On-Running Men’s Cloud Mesh Trainers

The brains behind these Cloud Mesh Trainers (Amazon link) were definitely mindful of appearance and comfort. These sleek shoes are incredibly comfortable.

The shoes do come in a few different color options, but most are fairly neutral and could fit with many outfits. The design of the shoe reflects the typical running shoe, but these stick to a monochromatic color scheme.


  • Comfortable even during the first few wears.
  • Shoes fit very well, form-fitting where they needed to be and room to move elsewhere.
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Great traction and more stability than other shoes.


  • The back of the shoe is extra stiff, so socks are a must.
  • Gaps in the soles allow debris to get stuck, a result of the “clouds” on the bottom of the shoe.

Most agree that having to pick a rock out of the shoe is a fair trade-off for the comfort level offered by these shoes.

Hoka One Men’s Clifton 4 Running Shoe

People who wear this Hoka shoe (Amazon link) say it’s perfect for running longer distances especially. Many say they’ve been able to run without ankle and foot pain that they previously experienced.

In addition to the white one pictured above, the synthetic upper comes in an assortment of bright colors. The sole of the shoe is also much larger than regular sneakers and stands out against the bold colors of the shoe itself.


  • The footbed is well-cushioned for maximum comfort.
  • Comes in a variety of bright and unique colors; there’s a style for everyone.
  • Synthetic fabric makes for a very breathable shoe that doesn’t overheat your feet.
  • Can be worn for extended periods of time with comfort.


  • Comes with a higher price tag compared to other sneakers.
  • The shoe itself is stiff at first, which can mean a few wears to break in.
  • Because of the extra cushion of the shoe, it can be a little soft for some.

New Balance Men’s 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

Who wouldn’t love working out on something called fresh foam?! The name just screams comfort. The overall design for these shoes isn’t too flashy, but there are some brighter colors available, like “Energy Red” and “UV Blue.” See the full color selection on Amazon.

This is a newer version of the shoe, so New Balance has made adjustments over the years, creating a better fit especially. The rest of the design is pretty characteristic of what we’ve seen from New Balance in the past. Simple quality.


  • Great for people with wider feet, as New Balance offers a range of widths.
  • The upper is a synthetic mesh, so it’s very breathable.
  • Very lightweight shoes won’t drag you down.
  • The extra-cushioned footbed provides great support.
  • The simple design allows for gym use and casual wear.


  • The price point is pretty high.
  • Some reviews cite the taller heel as the source for some fitting issues.

More Vegan Shoes

If the above recommendations didn’t hit exactly what you were looking for, check out these buying guides for more options:

What to Look for in Vegan Sneakers

Clearly, the number one factor when searching for vegan shoes is whether or not they are free of animal products. Most notably, this means free of leather.

However, you may also want to consider the animal habitats that might be affected by the production of the sneakers. Some shoe companies offer information on this, others don’t.

If you’re on the market for vegan shoes, these are a few things you might want to look for before purchasing:

  • Constructed from natural fibers, such as:
    • Cotton
    • Hemp
    • Jute
    • Bamboo
    • Canvas
  • Find out what kind of adhesive is used to hold the shoes together. Some types of glue include gelatin, which is made from animal bones.
  • A tag or label that says “vegan” is a great indicator that the sneaker is vegan, but other identifiers might be “All Manmade” or “100% Synthetic.”
  • Check the website. If the shoe doesn’t come right out and say that it’s vegan, check the company’s website for more info. You can usually send an inquiry to any shoe company pretty easily and get back a definitive answer about whether a shoe model is vegan-friendly.

Tips for Buying Vegan Sneakers at a Shoe Store

I’ll close with this: Some people are hesitant to buy shoes online, and I totally understand that. In the store, you can try the shoes on, which sometimes can really save you. But how do you determine whether a shoe is vegan in person?

Well, basically, you can just ask the store employees. You could ask them whether the shoe is vegan—or you could just ask if the shoe contains any leather.

Usually, if a shoe doesn’t contain leather, most vegans would be okay with assuming that it’s vegan (or close enough, anyway). So you could just check the labels or ask an employee which shoes they have without leather.

You can also go into the shoe store with some ideas in mind for which shoes you’re looking for. Browse the shoes above and maybe some other lists online, and take down notes on which ones you like. Then go to the store with the list.

Many of the brands mentioned in this post actually have several vegan shoe designs. So even if one particular shoe is not in stock in your size, it still might help you to have a starting place.

Two More Recommendations for Your Plant-Based Journey

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