Best Vegan Fish Sauce: 5 Savory Picks for Asian Cuisine

As a culinary enthusiast, you’re always on the hunt for authentic plant-based flavors that don’t compromise your vegan lifestyle. However, some products are more challenging to find due to their characteristic deep flavor.

Vegan or vegetarian fish sauce is one such case. It’s a delicate balance to strike – capturing the salty, umami richness that fish sauce brings to dishes without a hint of actual fish. After all, vegans don’t eat fish.

Intriguing, isn’t it? We’ve managed to narrow down to five savory picks that will not only meet your taste expectations but will also keep your vegan preferences intact.

Curious to find out which ones made the cut? Read on and explore the best alternatives to fish sauce on the market!

Best Vegan Fish Sauce Picks

  1. 24Vegan’s Vegan Fish Sauce
  2. Tofuna Fysh’s Vegan Fysh Sauce
  3. Tan Tan’s Sweet Fish Sauce
  4. Urban Platter’s Vegan FYSH Sauce
  5. 24Vegan’s Vegan Fish Sauce (5L)

24Vegan’s Vegan Fish Sauce

24Vegan's Vegan Fish Sauce

Suppose you’re frequently crafting healthy Asian dishes in your home kitchen. In that case, 24Vegan’s Vegan Fish Sauce could be your go-to choice, offering a rich, umami flavor with clean, non-GMO ingredients.

It’s a tasty seasoning alternative made from simple, wholesome ingredients like soybeans, vegan seasoning, sea salt, water, and cane sugar. No need to refrigerate this sauce; it’s ready to use whenever you’re cooking.

This product is a perfect addition to your Asian cooking, enhancing Vietnamese, Chinese, and East Asian dishes. It’s great for creating flavorful sauces for seasoning, frying and dipping. It adds depth to soups, stews, vegetables, sauces, dressings, and stir-fry dishes.

However, it may not suit those with dietary restrictions concerning soy or sugar. Despite this, its versatility and health benefits make it a staple in any kitchen.

Best For:

  • Health-conscious cooks, vegetarians, vegans, and lovers of Asian cuisine seeking a healthy, flavorful substitute for traditional fish sauce.


  • Provides a healthier alternative to traditional sauce with fewer ingredients.
  • Versatile like the original, it can be used in a variety of dishes, from soups to stir-fries.
  • Made with clean, non-GMO ingredients, offering a rich umami flavor.


  • May not suit those with dietary restrictions concerning soy or sugar, so use with care.

Tofuna Fysh’s Vegan Fysh Sauce

Tofuna Fysh's Vegan Fysh Sauce

For those seeking an exotic fish sauce alternative in their Asian culinary adventures, Tofuna Fysh’s Vegan Fysh Sauce is an excellent choice. It is produced from organic seaweed and is free from refined sugar.

The sauce has a unique taste derived from a blend of Dulse, Laver, and Sea Lettuce, which may not appeal to everyone. However, it also includes ingredients like organic tamari, rice vinegar, and pineapple juice concentrate, giving it a rich, umami flavor.

Tofuna Fysh’s Vegan Fysh Sauce is a gluten-free and wheat-free product, making it suitable for those with specific dietary needs. Unfortunately, it contains soy, which could be an issue for those with soy allergies.

Despite its unique taste, Tofuna Fysh’s Vegan Fysh Sauce does a commendable job of mimicking the fishy, savory notes of traditional fish sauce. This makes it a worthy consideration in your vegan kitchen.

Best For:

  • Those following a vegan diet and seeking a healthier, gluten-free, and wheat-free alternative to traditional fish sauce in their Asian culinary creations.


  • Is a vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free product, catering to various dietary restrictions.
  • Made with organic ingredients, including a unique seaweed blend, promoting healthier choices.
  • Free from refined sugar, making it a healthier option for those watching their sugar intake.


  • Contains soy, which may not be suitable for those with allergies.

Tan Tan’s Sweet Fish Sauce

Tan Tan's Sweet Fish Sauce

Tan Tan’s Sweet Fish Sauce stands out as a gourmet pick for those seeking a completely vegan, authentic Asian flavor. This ready-to-use sauce is carefully crafted in Vietnam and brings a unique umami twist to your dishes without using any fish or animal products.

It’s produced by a woman-owned Vietnamese business, Tan Tan Cafe & Delicatessen, based in Portland, Oregon. The sauce is pre-mixed with herbs and spices, making it ideal for immediate use. Whether you’re dipping spring rolls or enhancing a stir-fry, this versatile sauce has you covered.

Despite its vegan nature, some might find it lacks the full flavor of traditional fish sauce. Also, its availability is limited outside the USA. Nonetheless, it’s a brilliant vegan alternative that proves both practical and tasty.

Best For:

  • Vegans and vegetarians seeking an authentic, versatile SEA condiment that adds a unique Saigon umami flavor to the dishes.


  • Offers a completely vegan-friendly, authentic-tasting alternative to traditional fish sauce.
  • Provides versatility in its usage, from dips and marinades to enhancing stir-fry dishes.
  • Pre-mixed and blended with herbs and spices for immediate use.


  • May not fully replicate the taste of traditional fish sauce for some consumers.

Urban Platter’s Vegan FYSH Sauce

Urban Platter's Vegan FYSH Sauce

With its premium quality and remarkable flavor-enhancing properties, Urban Platter’s Vegan FYSH Sauce is an interesting choice for vegans and vegetarians alike who are keen on adding an excellent aroma to their Asian cuisine.

Produced by the reputable Urban Platter, this vegan-friendly product ensures a high standard of quality. Its versatility is another strong suit, as it can enhance the taste and smell of diverse dishes like sautéed vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu.

Although it’s only available in a 250 ml quantity, don’t let the size deter you. This sauce is potent, so a little goes a long way. The only downside is for heavy users, who may find the quantity insufficient. But for the flavor and quality it offers, it’s worth the investment.

Best For:

  • Vegans, vegetarians, and Asian cuisine enthusiasts looking to enhance the flavor and aroma of their dishes.


  • Premium quality product from the trusted brand, Urban Platter.


  • Available only in 250 ml quantity, which may not last long for heavy users.

24Vegan’s Vegan Fish Sauce (5L)

24Vegan's Vegan Fish Sauce (5L)

If you’re a die-hard fan of Asian cuisine and use the fish sauce on a daily basis, the 24Vegan’s Vegan Fish Sauce (5L) is a prime pick. It features a gluten-free and non-GMO formulation that elevates your dishes while keeping them healthy.

It’s an excellent alternative to traditional fish sauces, offering a rich umami flavor that enhances soups, adds depth to stews, and even elevates the taste of veggies. Its versatility allows it to be perfectly used for dressings, stir-fried dishes, and, frankly speaking, most Asian cuisines.

The absence of saturated fats, cholesterol, artificial ingredients, MSG, and preservatives is a great boon, too. However, its strong flavor might need careful dosage and may not suit those used to traditional fish sauces.

Best For:

  • Heavy fish sauce users craving for a healthy switch.


  • Offers a versatile usage across a variety of dishes and cuisines.
  • Provides a healthier alternative with its vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO formulation.
  • Comes in a 5L jug making it ideal for heavy daily users.


  • Might be a waste of money for occasional users who don’t plan on centering their vegan food plan on fish sauce.


There’s no need to miss out on the unique flavors that fish sauce brings to Asian cuisine, even if you’re adhering to a vegan lifestyle. With these five savory picks, you can continue to enjoy your favorite dishes with all the richness and complexity you’re accustomed to.

Each of these vegan fish sauces has its strengths, from health benefits to versatility in usage. So, whether you’re a hardcore Asian cuisine fan or a casual home cook, there’s a perfect vegan fish sauce out there for you. Happy cooking!

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