Here Are the 5 Best Vegan Leather Wallets for Men

From wallets to shoes to jackets, vegan alternatives to leather have absolutely exploded over the past decade. Today, let’s look at some of the best vegan wallets currently on the market!

Here are my picks for the top 5 vegan leather wallets for men:

  1. The Vegan Collection: Black Armstrong Trifold Wallet
  2. Access Denied (A.D.): Vegan Leather Bifold
  3. Corkor: Minimalist Vegan ID Case for Men
  4. BasicTek: Slim Front Pocket
  5. HISSIMO: Synthetic Leather, Slim Front Pocket

Whether you require a wallet with lots of pockets, no pockets, a billfold, or a money clip, you can rest assured, there is a vegan option for you that will be as durable, functional, and attractive. Let’s dive into the wallets!

Best Trifold Vegan Leather Wallet (Overall)

The Vegan Collection: Black Armstrong Tri-fold Wallet

This gorgeous black vegan leather trifold is made from synthetic microfiber and is incredibly slim for a trifold.

It’s made by The Vegan Collection, which means you’re purchasing a reputable product that was made under an ethical fair-trade agreement with India.


  • Sleek: this wallet is slender, sleek, and attractive. It also looks like genuine leather, and to some men the look of genuine leather is essential.
  • Versatility: the Armstrong trifold has a double bill section, four card slips, as well as two additional slots, and an I.D. section. This wallet can hold a lot, while still feeling incredibly light and thin.
  • Long-Lasting: The Vegan Collection has a reputation for making products that last a very long time. Some customers say they only need to get a new wallet every ~8 years.
  • Price: For a wallet that will fit snuggly in your pocket and looks like real leather, this one is a steal.


  • I.D Slot in the Middle… This may not bother everyone, but I prefer the I.D slot to be on one of the side flaps so that I can most easily flip it out to show to whoever is asking to see my I.D.
  • Stiff at first? Some users report that the wallet flaps feel too stiff. While this can be mitigated over time with use, I do agree it can be quite irksome to struggle with pulling cards out of their flap.

Best Bifold Vegan Leather Wallet (Overall)

Access Denied (A.D): Vegan Leather Bifold

I can’t say enough good things about this Access Denied vegan bi-fold (Amazon link)—and neither can the customer reviews!

Overall this is a well-made, popular, attractive looking wallet made by a company whose cruelty-free practices receive top marks. And it comes in six different color options!


  • Looks Legit: It looks like real leather and is 100% not leather!
  • Lifetime Warranty: Access Denied is like the Nordstrom of vegan products. If you don’t enjoy your new vegan leather wallet, you have a lifetime guarantee with a free return policy—no questions asked!
  • RFID Blocking: It’s important to know you won’t be card hacked by someone with an electronic reader strolling past you, and Access Denied has ensured that all your cards will be safe.
  • Small Environmental Footprint: The company promises a low carbon footprint through their business practices, and that’s something I can get on board with, for sure!


  • Potentially Bulky? If all the card flaps and billfolds are being utilized, the wallet starts to get on the bulkier side.

Best Minimalist Vegan Leather Wallet

Corkor: Minimalist Vegan ID Case for Men

This Corkor wallet (Amazon link) is incredibly slim, minimalist, and comes in six different colors. It is the ideal travel wallet and comes with RFID protection.

Really, the use of cork in vegan accessories is truly a revelation—the texture and feel of cork (in my opinion) is just great.


  • Easy to Clean: Since this is made of 100% cork, it is super easy to clean with warm water and a cloth.
  • Super Slim: Since this is not a folding wallet, it is lightweight and ultra-slim (easy to fit in pants OR shirt pocket.) It also comes with a clear I.D pocket, which not all one-sided wallets come with.
  • RFID Protection: This Corkor wallet is perfect for travel as it’s easy to use, simple, and has that RFID protection against e-scanners.


  • Fewer Pockets… Some people like carrying around all their gift cards, library cards, and everything. If that’s you, you may not be able to fit them all in this one
  • I.D Slip Can be Sticky? Some customers found the I.D. card slip to be a little challenging to pull the I.D out of. Since that’s a pet peeve of mine, that is a slight knock in my book.

Best Budget Vegan Wallets

BasicTek: Slim Front Pocket

If you’re looking to save a buck while also choosing a vegan wallet, this BasicTek slim front pocket (Amazon link) is a solid choice.

I love the simplicity and look. It’s another slim-front pocket wallet with an I.D slot. It comes in two different colors, black and tan.


  • Price: For a good-looking vegan leather wallet with an I.D holder, you truly cannot beat this price.
  • Slim & Sleek: Love the minimalist, ultra-thin design. I love how lightweight it is and how easy it is to chuck into a pocket and hardly notice it’s even there.


  • Tight Fit? You might find it difficult to transfer cards in/out of the wallet due to a tight fit.
  • Not as Durable? I suppose you get what you pay for, in that this particular wallet may not last you 10 years.

HISSIMO: Slim Front Pocket with RFID Blocking

I was so excited when I came across this bifold wallet (Amazon link)—mainly because of how many colors and styles it comes in. It’s also eco-friendly!

It’s a good-looking wallet with a billfold, multiple card slots, and a conveniently placed I.D holder. But the real feature of this wallet is the price. Wowza! This is the most affordable one I found.


  • Price: This wallet is an excellent bifold that looks like real leather. Unreal low price, considering what you’re getting
  • Customizable: This HISSIMO bifold comes in 35 different colors and textures. That means there is undoubtedly a style that fits you.
  • Warranty: HISSIMO provides an 18-month warranty to this wallet—and there’s a 30-day free return policy.
  • RFID Technology: This super-affordable wallet comes with the RFID blockers to help protect your cards from e-theft!


  • Paper Bills Don’t Fit? Some customers ran into the problem of not being able to fit dollar bills properly inside the billfold. This might be annoying if you’re still big on carrying cash.
  • Odor? Due to its synthetic nature, some people think this wallet smells “chemically.” But others don’t mind.

What to Look for in a Vegan Wallet

If you’re looking for a vegan wallet, your #1 concern is going to be finding non-animal-based materials. Namely, you want synthetic leather, canvas, or some other vegan material. But that’s not the only thing to check.

You really want to find reliable options that look, feel and work just as good as leather wallets.

Durability & Functionality

One reason many people prefer leather products is because they are often durable.

However, there are so many non-animal-based products out on the market now that are just as durable and functional. It really makes purchasing leather in 2020 completely unnecessary.

When reading reviews of non-leather wallets, be sure to look at how the wallets themselves have functioned for people—if they felt strong and sturdy, or if people reported them breaking down quickly.

Style: Leather Lookalike? Or Something Else?

If you don’t want a fake leather wallet, there are other vegan fabrics and materials to choose from, such as canvas!

I’ll admit that I’ve always appreciated the look of a classic wallet (despite it being made of cowhide). Thus, when I’m on the hunt for an excellent vegan leather wallet, I’m drawn to those styles.

But take a look around at some other textures and styles, too. Check out the cork look you get from the Corkor wallet I linked above, for example.

You can tell in the customer reviews how the wallets look in real life, as many people post photos on their reviews now to provide an actual example of how they really look.

Make sure to look at customer photos—not just official company photos!

What Vegan Wallet Should You Get?

Overall, it depends on what your personal preferences are. All 5 wallets I covered in this post are solid—you can’t go wrong with any of them.

But just because you asked, I’ll narrow it down further. Here are my final recommendations above anything:

  • If you want a high-quality vegan wallet that looks like real leather, go with the A.D. bifold.

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