Are There Vegan Blundstones? (Guide to Vegan Chelsea Boots)

There are a lot of brands that been recently releasing vegan shoes. And this trend goes outside just your basic tennis shoes. If you’re a Blundstone lover, I have good news for you!

As eco-friendly trends are rising, plenty of brands are now producing vegan Blundstones. Below is everything you need to know about these brands and where to get them:

Top 3 Vegan Blundstones for Men Reviewed

I picked these three options for durability, high-quality production, and their good reputation.

Dr. Martens 2976 Cambridge Brush

This pair of Chelsea boots by Dr. Martens (Amazon link) are ideal for daily use. The soles are slip-resistant which makes them perfect to wear in snowy conditions. They’re also air-cushioned to keep your feet dry.

The platform is around 0.25 inches, so it’s pretty comfortable to walk in. This product is highly functional in wet weather.

The Dr. Martens pair is the most expensive on our shortlist—but the high quality is worth it.


  • The material is flexible to wear over thick socks
  • The boots are easy to wear
  • The boots stretch to accommodate your feet size


  • The vegan leather produces a squeaky sound
  • The boots are not suitable for people with high foot arc
  • The leather crinkles eventually

Blundstone Men’s 1424 Chelsea Boots

These boots are a good idea for you if you want a budget-buy that’s also well-reputed. (Check current price on Amazon.)

They’re meant for summer and spring—that’s why they come in fresh colors. Furthermore, there are front and rear grip tags so you can effortlessly wear them.

The insoles are synthetic, and the boots come with rubbers inserts to protect you against slipping accidents.

The footbed is anatomically shaped to fit your feet perfectly. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and mildew-resistant. You can also remove it if you choose.

The upper surface is made of breathable canvas. This is especially useful in the hot weather.


  • The boots are comfortable to do a lot of walking in
  • They come in vibrant colors


  • The boots are not suitable for cold weather
  • They’re a bit tight around wide feet

Will’s Vegan Chelsea Boots

Italian synthetic leather is the main component in this pair of boots. The insoles are airy and hand-made for premium quality. The lining is breathable to avoid bad smell.

The upper surface embraces water-resistant leather. It also allows for ventilation. The design is pretty trendy, narrowing towards the toes to create a sleek look.

Will’s Vegan boots are PETA-approved. They’re on the expensive side, but I’ve come to expect great quality from Will’s in all their offerings in vegan fashion, so I’m okay with that. (Check current price on Amazon.)


  • Water-resistant material for wet weather conditions
  • The side gussets stretch to keep you comfortable
  • The boots are airy


  • The upper surfaces crinkle after several uses
  • The leather is not as durable as some others

Top 3 Vegan Blundstones for Women Reviewed

Here are my top picks for vegan women’s Blundstones.

Dr. Martens Women’s 2976 Chelsea Boot with Zips

These Doc Marten’s have a great look in my opinion. The upper surface and the sole are not glued together like in most boots. Instead, they’re stitched for better durability.

Additionally, the sole comes with air cushioning that keeps your shoes fresh and clean. It’s also slip-resistant to avoid sliding accidents.

Unlike most Chelsea boots, this pair comes with a zipper, which makes it easier to get in and out of. It’s worth the expensive price you’ll pay for it. (Check current price on Amazon.)


  • The boots are trendy and sleek-looking
  • They’re durable in the long term
  • There’s a zipper on the side


  • They run a little big
  • They don’t fit people with thicker ankles

Bogs Women’s Sweetpea Ankle Height (Waterproof Rubber Rain Boot)

This pair is made for rainy conditions. The material is natural rubber that’s 100% waterproof.

The footbed is lined with Bogs Max-wick that moves sweat away from your foot to keep you dry. It also comes with rebound cushioning to offer you the utmost comfort.

The insoles are also made out of rubber. They’re constructed with Durafresh bio-technology that fights unwanted smell. That way, your boots will stay fresh throughout the winter.

There’s a lot of different products by Bogs at different price points, so you can choose the pair that suits your needs without paying too much. (Check the current price for this pair on Amazon.)


  • Footbed is breathable
  • Soles are slip-resistant
  • Fabric stretches to suit wide feet
  • Material is water-resistant.


  • They’re only suitable for rainy conditions

Dr. Martens Women’s Flora Leather Chelsea Boot

Dr. Martens’ Flora is among the most stylish vegan Chelsea boots. The slim profile on this pair appeals to customers for the trendy look it provides.

The elastic side gussets make an easy pull-on style. The edges are grooved for higher durability.

You can effortlessly walk for miles in these boots—the heel support and the air-cushioned sole will impress you.

Dr. Marten’s Blundstone’s will go with any outfit. Their design fits for both classic and casual events, and they come in black and ruby colors. The cost isn’t too bad for this model, either. (Check current price on Amazon.)


  • The soles mold to your feet shape
  • The boots are highly comfortable
  • They have a trendy design


  • The sizes run a bit big
  • The leather creases after a while

What to Consider When Buying Vegan Blundstones

If you want to own a pair of boots that’s stylish and vegan, there are several details to look for before purchasing. Here are some tips.

Choose Your Brand

There have been a lot of brands lately gaining interest in making vegan shoes. Nike, Converse, and Michael Kors all recently added vegan footwear to their product lines. But are these the best brands to support?

If your primary goal is the animals’ welfare, you may want to go for a brand that makes only vegan shoes. (More on some specific brands below)

Buying a vegan shoe from a mainstream brand still sends a signal that there is interest in vegan footwear, but it’s also clear that such companies are not committed to vegan values, as they’re still producing many other shoes from real leather.

Make Sure It’s Not Real Leather

You don’t want to fall into the mistake of buying real-leather shoes as if they’re synthetic. Usually, it’s labeled pretty clearly—but some shoes use both synthetic and real leather, so be aware of that.

In person, you can sometimes tell a difference by smelling. Genuine leather has a distinctive smell, while synthetic leather won’t smell the same.

Moreover, synthetic leather is more likely to shine, while real leather has a matte feel to it. Real leather also appears more natural because of the grain pattern that adorns it. But some synthetic leathers mimic this look pretty closely nowadays.

Most shoes are labeled, so you can effortlessly take your pick.

Is Shoe Glue Vegan?

Some brands claim that they make shoes from eco-friendly materials, but they may use animal glue. I asked a few shoe companies about the source of their glue and included the results in my mega-post about vegan glue.

Animal glue is not as common as many people think—most glue today is synthetic. But if the company has not labeled its products as fully vegan, you can ask the company yourself to be extra reassured.

Use Technology to Your Aid

You can now use your smartphone to find out if the pair of boots you like are vegan. Barcode apps may often include more information than is listed on the package.

Drawbacks of Synthetic Leather for Chelsea Boots

Despite the noble values behind synthetic leather, it has some downsides you may notice while using it.

For starters, boots with no buckles or zippers are pretty hard to wear. Even if you take precautions to make the process easier, you may experience heel pain or get blisters. Your toes may also hurt the first few times of wearing the boots.

On top of that, synthetic leather boots may not keep your feet as warm in the winter compared to real leather. It depends on the specific boot design—I have had some warm vegan boots—but it’s one factor to consider.

Is vegan leather durable? Usually, it’s durable enough, but it’s not quite as durable as real leather. I wrote a full blog post going into more detail on that.

What Materials Are Used to Make Vegan Boots?

A wide variety of synthetic materials are used to make vegan Blundstones. Vegan leather is mostly made of polyurethane (PU), while vegan suede is composed of microfiber fabrics.

Regular shoes have leather soles. Alternatively, vegan boots might have soles of recycled resin, while the insoles can be made of recycled cardboard or other materials.

The whole industry of vegan fashion is still developing and growing quickly, and different companies are pursuing different options to see what will meet the growing demand best.

Are Vegan Blundstones Environmentally Friendly?

They have a less negative impact on the environment than real-leather boots, but they’re not all 100% eco-friendly. The faux leather and polyurethane are often not ecological materials.

Still, animal leather is more harmful to the planet because it undergoes a lot of chemical treatments to avoid natural decomposing. The processes include chromium, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia. What’s more, most of these procedures go with no regard to health regulations.

So overall, synthetic leather is the better choice for its minimal impact on the ecosystem.

What We Like About Vegan Blundstones

  • They’re lightweight and feel natural
  • They’re water-proof and stain-resistant
  • They require less maintenance than genuine-leather boots
  • Their production process is free of animal cruelty
  • The organic microfiber materials are comfortable to wear
  • The vegan leather eventually takes the shape of your feet
  • The piercing holes allow for air to pass through
  • The materials have an aesthetic appeal

What We Don’t Like About Vegan Blundstones

  • They’re not quite as durable as real-leather boots
  • Vegan brands mostly produce one or two models each only

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vegan Blundstones Breathable?

Yes, most vegan boots have air cushioning which allows them to be entirely breathable. You can rest assured the boots won’t make your feet smell.

Is The Sizing Accurate?

You may want to buy a size down when buying vegan boots. Mainly because synthetic leather stretches after a few times of wearing it.

If you’re buying online, you can read reviews to see what others have said about the sizing. Often, that will give you a good sense of it.

Are Vegan Boots Waterproof?

Yes, faux leather is 100% water-resistant. You can’t always say the same about vegan suede, though. You’ll want to check with each brand.

Best Vegan Chelsea Boot Brands

Here’s a brief about the ethical brands I chose for my top picks.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Will’s Vegan’s base is in London. The company doesn’t only produce boots, it creates a wide range of shoes in different shapes. The brand was founded in 2012—all its wares have Vegan Society registration.

Dr. Martens Shoes

Dr. Martens Vegan boots are made in England in the company’s original Wollaston factory. The shoes are handcrafted to ensure precision and high quality.


Blundstones was established in Tasmania in 1870. The company prides itself in its tough boots and the underfoot comfort systems they provide. All their boots have steel toe caps for protection.

Wrap Up

Our top pick for male vegan Chelsea boots are the Will’s Vegan ones (Amazon link). The Italian leather gives a sleek look to the boots. This pair is more suitable for classic events than the Dr. Martens, which I also love but are more for casual wear.

As for women’s Chelsea boots, our top pick is the Wanted pair (Amazon link). They’re both comfortable and fashionable, which is hard to match. Moreover, they go with all kinds of outfits!

Looking for more vegan fashion guides? Check out my guides to the best vegan peacoats, the best vegan dress shoes (for men), and the best vegan belts (for men and women)!

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