Here Are the 17 Best Vegan Slippers for Women and Men

Choosing vegan slippers can be challenging for two reasons. First, it can be hard to identify if they’re vegan—materials are not always clearly labeled. Second, even after eliminating non-vegan ones, there are a lot to choose from!

To help you choose the best vegan slippers, this post will highlight 17 of the comfiest and best-looking vegan options available. I also added a concise buyer’s guide at the end of the post to help guide you in what factors to look for.

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Men’s vegan slippers
Women’s vegan slippers
Buying guide

Best Vegan Slippers for Men

We’re starting off with 9 of the best slippers for vegan men! Let’s begin!

1. RockDove: Moc Slipper Silvadur With Anti-Odor Fabric [Buy]

RockDove’s Moc Slipper is one of the best-selling vegan slippers on the market. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

These slippers have anti-odor fabric, so this might be a good pair if you’ve had issues with developing smelly slippers in the past. This slipper is good for hot summer days due to its moisture-wicking terry lining and breathable knit cotton upper.

These slippers also have memory foam insoles that contour your feet for maximum comfort.

RockDove’s Moc Slipper is made from machine-washable materials, so you can always throw it in your washing machine if needed. And most importantly, the materials used in its construction are completely sustainable and highly durable. An excellent slipper overall.

2. ULTRAIDEAS: Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers [Buy]

To say this pair of slippers is popular is an understatement. People love how comfortable and durable these are. Check out the other colors and price on Amazon.

This is a very lightweight slip-on. It doesn’t drag, so it makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. It has faux-wool lining that’s friendly to your skin and fully vegan. This material also wicks away moisture for extra comfort.

These slippers have durable rubber soles that make them great for both indoor and outdoor use. The bottom is also anti-slip, so don’t worry about slipping on wet tiles. Best of all, they come at a budget-friendly price tag (check current price on Amazon).

3. IZOD: Men’s Classic Two-Tone Moccasin Slipper [Buy]

If you like simple, classic slippers, check out this pair of IZOD moccasin slippers. You can wear these all year round, indoors or outdoors. You can pair them with classic or casual attire. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

These have a rubber bottom that’s made mainly for indoor use. However, you can still wear these slippers outside with moderate use. The memory foam cushioning inside the footbed helps ensure maximum comfort and great warmth.

One of the best things about this pair of slippers is that they come in neat-looking IZOD packaging that would make for a perfect gift box.

4. Hanes: Men’s House Moccasin Comfort Slippers [Buy]

These Hanes slippers have a pretty classic look. They’re really comfortable, as they’re padded with dense memory foam that molds to your foot. And they’re great for indoor and outdoor use. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

While these slippers are listed for men, they’re excellent for women as well.

One of the best things about this slipper is that they have Hanes Fresh IQ advanced anti-odor technology. This does a great job of keeping the slippers fresh all year round. Also, they have a durable, gripped sole that protects from slipping or sliding.

5. RockDove: Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper [Buy]

This pair of slippers is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, making it 100% vegan. The slip-on style allows for easy on and off. The waffle knit upper allows your foot to breathe, eliminating sweat and odor. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

These slippers have memory foam insoles that mold to the contours of the foot, allowing really pillow-soft comfort. Very relieving after a long day at work.

The slippers have sturdy rubber soles that are fit for indoor and outdoor use, so you can go ahead and walk your dog in them. The bottom is anti-slip and waterproof, preventing slips and falls on wet tiles.

6. HomeTop: Men’s Cotton Knit Terry-Lined Slippers [Buy]

These are a personal favorite—mainly because of the classic, decorative trim. It gives an opulent yet casual look. The cotton sweater knit upper, combined with moc trim, provides you with a ton of warmth for winter. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

This pair of slippers is a perfect match for pajamas, robes, and loungewear, thanks to their slide and mid-heel design.

The terry lining on this slipper is super soft and wicks away any moisture that may be causing you discomfort. The slip-on design allows for easy on and off.

The pillow-like memory foam provides great support by molding to the contour of your foot. You’ll feel it cuddling your tired feet, granting instant relief. And the hard rubber sole is durable enough to allow for indoor and outdoor use.

7. Acorn: Men’s Moc With Premium Memory Foam [Buy]

With its slip-on, closed-back design, these slippers are super convenient for indoor and outdoor use. They’re made of 100% vegan materials like faux-fur and soft fleece. A ton of warmth and comfort. Check all the designs and price on Amazon.

The slipper has a soft lining that wicks away moisture very easily, keeping your feet dry and comfy. This slipper also has multi-layered memory foam that provides support and cushioning for instant relief after long days.

The sidewalls are made of a suede-like material (fully vegan), and the outsole is made of super-durable rubber that’s weatherproof and skid-resistant. This allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors. For cleaning, simply machine-wash them with cold water, then air dry.

8. LongBay: Men’s Memory Foam House Slippers [Buy]

The combination of the wool-like vegan cloth upper and soft fleece lining on these slippers really set them apart. Lots of comfort and warmth. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

Support-wise, this one of the best pairs of slippers on the market. It has high-density 100D memory foam that grants exceptional cushioning for your every step. It almost feels like a pillow beneath your feet.

Just like most LongBay products, this pair of slippers has a very durable non-slip rubber sole that’s also waterproof, providing you with a great deal of traction. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

In terms of washability, you can machine-wash in cold water. The slipper comes in three unique colors (view on Amazon here).

9. HomeTop: Men’s Memory Foam Slip-On Slippers [Buy]

Looking for a pair of highly affordable and unique-looking slip-on slippers? If so, this pair from HomeTop is right up your alley. Check the colors and price on Amazon.

The slippers are padded with dense memory foam, but they can be snug at first, so you may want to give them a day or two to break in. Also, if your sizing is in between sizes (like 9.5, 10.5, etc), the manufacturer recommends you size up half an increment.

These slippers will keep your feet warm and odor-free without feeling too stuffy. They have a soft sherpa lining that ensures a natural mold to every step you take.

The materials are high-quality and super durable, so it’ll last you for quite a while. It’s also machine-washable for ease of cleaning.

Best Vegan Slippers for Women

Okay, enough with the men’s slippers—here are the best women’s slippers suitable for vegans!

1. RockDove: Women’s Birch Sweater Knit Slipper [Buy]

RockDove took the number-one spot in the men’s section, and they’re doing so again in the women’s section. These slippers have a slip-on style for ease of use and a low-back heel that keeps your foot in place. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

This women’s slipper has a rubber sole that’s extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged after a few weeks. The slipper is lined with plush faux-fur, which helps keep your feet warm during winter days. And it’s actually good for the summer, too.

They are also particularly quiet slippers—they don’t make noise while walking.

The bamboo-stitch knit upper is designed from dust-proof, anti-pilling acrylic yarn. The slipper is also machine-washable for ease of cleaning. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

2. Jessica Simpson: Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper [Buy]

This is one of the most comfortable pairs of slippers out there. However, as its name implies, it’s designed only for indoor use. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

It has really comfy memory foam cushioning. But it’s worth mentioning, this slipper is pretty narrow, so you may want to size up if you have wide feet.

One of the best attributes this pair has is the sole, which is textured in such a way that it grips to the floor and prevents sliding or slipping. For cleaning, you simply hand-wash the slipper with cold water and air dry it.

3. DailyShoes: Casual Moccasins Vegan Fur Loafer [Buy]

Looking for vegan slippers that scream cuteness? These Vegan “Fur Loafers” are perfect for you. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

Featuring a fabric sole, this slipper is optimal only for indoor use. They have a layer of vegan fur on top, which adds to the look. The fur also extends to the inside, ensuring warmth in the winter.

It’s a lightweight slipper and won’t make noise while walking around the house. The sole is made out of fabric, so it’s really flexible and facilitates maximum comfort on the sofa or anywhere.

4. LongBay: Women’s Elastic Fleece House Slipper [Buy]

Not a fan of flashy footwear and just looking for a comfy house slipper? This pair of high-quality house shoes from LongBay is right up your alley. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

The combination of the super-soft teddy fleece upper and the faux fur lining in these slippers provides great warmth and comfort. The criss-cross knit collar hugs your foot without pressing down on the instep. This also allows easy on and off.

If you have wide feet or edema in your feet, it will be an excellent slipper for you, as it stretches in all the right areas.

It’s great how lightweight and foldable this slipper is. It keeps you light on your feet. And you can pack them with ease for a weekend getaway. Also, you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling, thanks to the non-slip rubber sole.

5. RockDove: Women’s Campfire Bootie Slipper [Buy]

This is yet another entry from RockDove, one of the leading brands, with its highly popular Campfire Bootie Slipper. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

As the name implies, this is a boot-inspired slipper that strikes a great balance between aesthetics and comfort. Its thick faux-fur lining makes it an excellent slipper to conquer cold weather conditions.

The lower part of the slipper is made from “microsuede.” Don’t worry—this is a vegan material, unlike real suede.

The awesome thing about this slipper is that it insulates everything from your heel to toe. The plush collar even keeps your ankle warm. The durable rubber sole makes it good indoors and outdoors.

The slipper has thick memory foam that molds to the contours of your feet to ensure comfort. Another cool thing about this slipper is its ultra-lightweight construction which grants an almost weightless experience. In terms of cleaning, it’s 100% machine-washable.

6. HomeTop: Knitted Memory Foam House Slipper [Buy]

Have you ever seen a pair of house slippers with a money-back guarantee? If you end up buying this slipper and it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can return it with no questions asked for a full refund. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

This is one of the most unique-looking slippers on our list, thanks to the faux-fur trim with the button decor and the knit upper. The design also allows for easy on and off.

The anti-slip bottom offers you remarkable traction and allows for noiseless stepping. Lastly, the lining does a good job of wicking away moisture for dry feet.

7. LongBay: Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers [Buy]

When it comes to cushioning and support, these are some of the best. The high-density 80D foam cushioning relaxes your foot arch and relieves foot pains like plantar fasciitis. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

These slippers also look unique, as they have a soft wool-like (vegan) upper, faux-fur lining, and a very unique hook and loop closure that allows for adjustability. The slip-on design allows for easy on and off while providing full foot coverage.

The rubber sport sole is extremely durable, allowing you to wear these indoors and outdoors. It also gives excellent non-skid traction, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

The slipper is available in sizes for standard, wide, or slim feet.

8. HALLUCI: Women’s Cross Band House Slipper [Buy]

The final product on our list of best vegan slippers for women is another best-seller. This Halluci pair really has an elegant look. Check the other colors and price on Amazon.

The fleece upper looks pretty unique. It also provides ample warmth for cold winter nights. The slipper has a solid, high-density memory foam insole that molds to the contours of your foot, providing instant comfort after an exhausting day.

The EVA vegan sole is anti-slip and totally waterproof, so slipping is completely out of the equation. It’s also an optimal slipper for outdoor use.

The fixed shoe shape of this slipper allows it to provide support for your foot from every direction, and it doesn’t deform with time at all. I recommend getting one size up for comfort.

Things to Consider Before Buying Vegan Slippers

  • Vegan materials – Avoid real wool, suede, leather, fur, and silk—those all come from animals. Vegan materials include fleece, polyester, cotton, faux-fur, microsuede and other microfibers. Most vegan slippers will be labeled as synthetic, man-made, or made of textiles.
  • Comfort – When buying any sort of footwear, and especially slippers, comfort comes first. Make sure the product has materials that mold to the contours of your feet like high-density memory foam.
  • Warmth – The main reason I personally wear house slippers is to keep my feet warm and cozy during chilly days, and you’re probably the same. So make sure the slipper is made from materials thick enough to keep you warm.
  • Durability – Look for products that have rubber soles, as these models are usually the most durable. Not only that, but rubber soles allow for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Sizing – Different brands have slightly different sizes, so look at the actual sizing chart. Another tip is to read Amazon reviews for the slipper to see if other customers found the slipper sizes to run big or small. Luckily, slippers are worn more casually, so getting the exact fit is not as important with other footwear.

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