Nutriciously Review: 7 Reasons I Love Their Vegan E-Books

Hey everyone. I’ve been recommending Nutriciously’s e-books on this blog for a while now, but I wanted to finally write a full post explaining why I love them so much.

Here’s the thing: I think Nutriciously’s Vegan Starter Kit is head-and-shoulders above any comparable book or guide out there. It makes a plant-based lifestyle easier than ever, and I really wish I had it when I went vegan 14 years ago. I also think their vegan weight-loss bundle is spot on—particularly if you want to lose weight without counting calories.

At the end of this post, I’ll list a few reasons why Nutriciously’s guides might not be for everyone… but overall I have a ton of praise for these e-books, and I’m definitely here to recommend them—so let’s dig in!

Note: The links in this post are affiliate links, so if you use them and make a purchase, I do get a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

1. Their vegan starter kit covers so much… it’s truly a complete guide.

This restaurant guide is just one of the nine e-books included in Nutriciously’s Vegan Starter Kit.

When you go through Nutriciously’s vegan starter kit, you’re going to see how it is truly a complete starter kit.

And this means you have a guide holding your hand at every step in your vegan transition.

All aspects of veganism are covered—from the ethical reasons to be vegan, to nutritional guidance, to recipes and meal plans, to answering common questions, and more.

It includes:

  • A full guide to eating vegan at restaurants
  • Really clever tips for traveling as a vegan
  • Tips for how to handle cravings and hunger
  • Advice for troubleshooting bloating and gas
  • Guidance for dealing with unsupportive family
  • Vegan “on a budget” tips (so you don’t need to be rich to eat healthy!)
  • Lists of “accidentally vegan” foods
  • Simple guide to reading food labels as a vegan
  • Smart habit-changing strategies
  • Mindset tips for going and staying vegan
  • A recommended vegan books and films list
  • Guide to eating vegan with allergies (soy, wheat, nuts)
  • Cooking tips that will help even complete newbies in the kitchen
  • Time-saving tips for meal prep

There’s even a section on exercise, sleep, social relationships, and stress reduction.

And you get access to a Facebook community of over 6,000 inspiring, like-minded plant-based folks who can give you tips and answer your questions.

In total, this is not just a quick tutorial about food or losing weight! This is a comprehensive guide to switching to a healthy, positive, plant-based lifestyle.

You get so much more in Nutriciously’s guides than you’ll ever find in free online guides on “how to go vegan.” And all that support makes a plant-based lifestyle easier than ever to not only adopt but stick to.

A short video introduction to Nutriciously’s Vegan Starter Kit.

2. The focus is on healthy, whole plant foods.

The Buddha Bowl from Nutriciously’s vegan starter kit. Delicious and easy to put together!

Some people go vegan and then end up eating french fries, beer, and vegan ice cream all the time…

But that’s not going to leave you feeling light and energetic.

Nutriciously’s e-books don’t just help you go “vegan”—they help you adopt a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

And that’s an important point.

If you want the potential health benefits of veganism—weight loss, clearer skin, better digestion, lower blood-pressure and cholesterol, better blood-sugar control, and so on—then Nutriciously will guide you to the right kind of vegan diet.

You’ll be cutting out not only animal foods but also most unhealthy processed foods with their guidance. You’ll be replacing them with wholesome, real food.

And that will give you the best chance to feel dramatically better on this lifestyle.

That said, this is not a super-strict diet that bans all forms of goodies. They guide you on how you can indulge smartly—in ways that won’t hurt your health. They simplify all the nutritional jargon into realistic, easy-to-follow advice.

3. The advice is kind and compassionate—not dogmatic.

The feeling in Nutriciously’s e-books is that of a friendly and caring guide. It’s warm and helpful, not obsessive or abrasive.

Even when they cover topics like animal suffering and environmental destruction from factory farms, the voice is not rude or accusatory.

You’ll learn how to lose weight—but it’s covered in a wholesome and self-loving way. No crash diets, deprivation, or objectification.

Similarly, the section on vegan slip-ups is full of self-compassion. I love that.

4. It’s beautifully designed.

Nutriciously always has beautiful design, from their blog to their Pinterest Pins—and this beautiful design carries into their e-books, too.

The design is clean and minimal, easy to read, and with great food photography.

A testimonial that emphasizes how the e-books are fun to read.

I actually think the light-feeling aesthetic makes it more inspiring to go through the e-books. It gives this fresh feeling that is a perfect complement to adopting a healthy, active plant-based lifestyle.

I love the graphic design across Nutriciously’s blog and e-books.

5. The weight-loss advice is solid (and easy to understand).

If you’d like to lose weight on your plant-based diet, Nutriciously will be a great guide for you. Their vegan starter kit covers weight-loss, and their Sustainable Weight Loss System goes even deeper.

Their approach to weight loss is to focus on low-calorie-density food. This is a great way to lose weight without counting calories.

In their weight-loss e-book, they show pictures of exactly what 200 calories looks like in one food versus another.

This helps you really “get it” and develop a gut feeling about which foods you can eat more of without weight gain. So weight-loss becomes effortless and just a matter of habit.

One of the many readers who have been successful with Nutriciously’s “effortless weight-loss” approach.

You won’t feel like you’re obsessing over numbers, which can be a problem with calorie counting. But you’re still losing weight, simply because of which foods you’re focused on.

They also allow 5-10% of wiggle room for “indulgences,” so you don’t have to completely quit all processed food in order to follow their approach—and you don’t have to be perfect!

(In the vegan starter kit, they also explain how to maintain or gain weight, if that’s what you need instead.)

6. The printables make it so simple to take action.

Some of the worksheets and print-outs that come with Nutriciously’s Complete Vegan Starter Kit.

This is key.

All Nutriciously’s bundles come with print-outs and cheat sheets that make it super easy to apply what you’ve learned and take action.

With other vegan books, you might have to dig back through hundreds of pages to find the list of high-calcium foods, for example. But Nutriciously gives you a cheat sheet that lists it all out in one place.

You can print these out, pin them to your fridge, and make it easy to keep your plant-based transition top of mind.

Their vegan starter kit also includes:

  • 5-step cheat sheets for transitioning from meat-eater to vegetarian, from meat-eater to vegan, or from vegetarian to vegan.
  • A printable plant-based grocery list, all ready to go.
  • A printable meal planner and exercise tracker (including glasses of water to check off each day). This is optional to use, but can provide extra support as you’re getting a hang of the plant-based lifestyle.

And the vegan F.A.Q. e-book gives quick answers to many common questions, which are easy to reference anytime, even if you don’t take notes while reading the main guide.

7. So many delicious food ideas.

The black bean burger from Nutriciously’s vegan starter kit.

If you want vegan recipes, you will have plenty to work with here.

There are three separate e-books included in the vegan starter kit that are dedicated to delicious and healthy meal ideas:

  • A cookbook with 40 easy-to-follow vegan recipes: A great sampling of healthy plant-based recipes here. From vegan pizza and pancakes to scrambled tofu, cookies, or salad, there’s something here for all moods and flavors.
  • The step-by-step “Build Your Bowl” guide: This 8-page PDF is one of my favorite parts of the whole e-book bundle because it’s so easy to implement. It shows how to create different kinds of “Bowls” in endless combinations. From “Sweet Bowls” based on cereal/oatmeal to “Savory Bowls” and “Salad Bowls,” you could make 1,000+ variations from the ideas here alone.
  • A 14-day exact vegan meal plan: If you want a meal plan to just follow step-by-step, they’ve included 2 weeks of meals in this short e-book. The plan is Registered Dietitian approved, so you know you’re getting off on a good foot nutritionally. There are convenient shopping lists for the ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes.

Basically, you won’t run out of plant-based meal ideas anytime soon.

You won’t be stuck eating the same bland meals every day just to stay healthy.

The “Build Your Bowl” e-book is one of my favorite parts of the whole Vegan Starter Kit because it’s so easy to put the meals together.

Possible Downsides?

Overall, I recommend Nutriciously’s e-books to most new or aspiring vegans. But they may not be for everyone. I wanted to share some possible downsides, depending what you hope to get from it:

  • You’ll get the most out of these if you like reading. The printables are quick and easy to use, but you’ll learn the most by actually reading the main 205-page e-book. The clean design and writing do make it easy and enjoyable to read—but it’s not just a 10-page brochure. You’ll be spending some quality time with your e-books as you work through them!
  • This may be a funny one to mention… but these e-books may speak more to women than men. It seemed like there were more pictures of women than men in the guides, and the design reminded me a bit of Pinterest. As a vegan man, I can assure you that the advice 100% applies to vegan men, too… But I just noticed that going through it!

Which Nutriciously E-book Bundle Should You Get?

For most people, I recommend getting the Ultimate Bundle that includes everything. Why? First, it’s an incredible value for how much you get.

Secondly, most people will benefit from having the weight-loss teachings—even if you’re going vegan mainly for other reasons.

In our society where most adults struggle with weight management at some point in their lives, learning Nutriciously’s unique, effortless approach to calorie density is an investment that will pay off for the rest of your life.

But if you don’t want to lose weight, then getting just the Complete Vegan Starter Kit is a great option, too. It’ll help you eat healthfully and stay vegan for the long-term.

Whichever bundle you choose, I sincerely believe you will have an easier, better time on your vegan journey with these e-books.

So if you haven’t clicked over to Nutriciously’s site yet, I encourage you to click the button and start your journey!