Do Vegans Eat Seafood?

do vegans eat seafood?

A lot of people have confusion about fish when it comes to pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets. It can be hard to keep straight all the terms and beliefs behind each of them. So, do vegans eat seafood? Vegans … Read more

What Exactly Is an Ostrovegan or Bivalvegan?

What Is an Ostrovegan or Bivalvegan?

I love a good debate about what counts as “vegan” and what doesn’t… So let’s talk about oysters and other bivalves. They are animals, and vegans don’t eat animals—right? But a certain group of vegans, called ostrovegans, actually do … Read more

Vegans and Abortion: Everything You Need to Know

Vegans And Abortion: Are Pro-Choice Vegans Hypocrites?

Does being vegan have anything to do with whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life? After all, vegans refrain from killing animals—wouldn’t they also want to refrain from killing a potential human as a fetus? Personally, I’ve historically been pro-choice, but … Read more

Do Vegans Support the Use of Service Dogs?

Do Vegans Support The Use Of Service Dogs?

In my post about whether dogs and cats can go vegan, I briefly addressed the question of whether it’s contradictory for vegans to own pets in general. But one especially controversial topic is whether vegans support the use of … Read more

Should Vegans Eat Organic As a Rule?

Should Vegans Eat Organic as a Rule?

As a vegan who’s usually on a tight budget, I’ve usually eaten conventionally-grown produce rather than organic. But I’ve long wondered if vegans really should eat organic as a rule, to be ethically consistent. Recently I finally did some … Read more