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Vegan Guidance from 13 Years of Experience

Tyler McFarland

I’m Tyler McFarland, the editor and main author here. When I first went vegan 13 years ago, convenience products like veggie burgers and soy milk were a lot harder to find. Now they’re everywhere!

Tyler McFarland
Author & Content Editor @ I Am Going Vegan

I’ve lived as a vegan in small towns, big cities, college dorms, and traveling for business. I’ve visited nearly a dozen countries, eating a vegan diet the whole way.

I’ve also been an enthusiast of plant-based nutrition for years. I’ve made drastic improvements with my own issues, like gas and acne, by tweaking details of my vegan diet. And I have experience building muscle and cutting fat to get a 6-pack, too.

My experience also includes volunteering for two animal rights organizations. One was a large non-profit that many of you have heard of. The other was a smaller, local group. But I still cherish my experience tabling and leafleting for the animals.

– Tyler McFarland
I Am Going Vegan

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