Vegan Holidays: The Best Vegan Travel Destinations

For vegans, one of the most challenging aspects of travel is finding food that not only caters to their dietary requirements but also delights their taste buds.

As the plant-based diet gains worldwide recognition, numerous destinations are emerging as vegan paradises, making it possible for vegans to experience the joy of culinary exploration while globetrotting.

Read on to learn more about the best places to enjoy a perfect vegan vacation!

Key Takeaways:

    • Numerous vegan vacations destinations like Berlin, Tel Aviv, Chennai, Chiang Mai, Portland, Toronto, London, and Melbourne offer a vibrant and diverse vegan food scene.
    • Vegan travel facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences, promotes ethical, sustainable, and compassionate living, and drives demand for vegan food options.
    • Planning for a vegan journey involves researching vegan-friendly restaurants, vegan holiday resorts, and packing vegan snacks. Online platforms such as HappyCow can aid in this research.
    • Vegan travel can be challenging in countries where veganism isn’t widely recognized, making clear communication about dietary restrictions in the local language is important.
    • Utilize travel apps like HappyCow, Vegman, and VeganXpress to aid in finding vegan food options while traveling.
    • Essential travel gadgets for vegans could include a portable blender, silicone food storage bags, a reusable water bottle, and a travel-sized spice kit.
    • Vegan celebrities often share their travel experiences, providing valuable insights into vegan-friendly destinations and meals.
    • Vegan travelers can consider participating in volunteering opportunities that align with vegan values, making their travel experience even more meaningful.
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    1. Berlin, Germany

    Berlin comfortably sits at the top with its reputation as one of the world’s best vegan cities. With over 60 vegan outlets, the German capital is a gastronomic utopia for vegan travelers. It impresses with a sundry range of vegan fine dining delights, including vegan döners, vegan brunch buffets, and vegan schnitzels, to name a few.

    Vaust Braugasthaus offers an extensive menu of all-vegan, German-style comfort food, while Veganz supermarket ensures you’re never far from vegan snacks. More impressively, every September, Berlin hosts the Vegan Summer Festival, which is a wonderful opportunity for sampling delicious vegan food and meeting like-minded people.

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    2. Tel Aviv, Israel

    Known as the vegan capital of the world, Tel Aviv boasts over 400 vegan-friendly places. Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine generally incorporates plenty of spices, fresh vegetables, and grains, making it naturally inclined to the vegan life.

    The city takes pride in offering arguably the most creatively made vegan cheeses at Anastasia, the all-vegan café. Be sure to sample their Shakshuka, a traditional Israeli dish, on your vegan vacations.

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    3. Chennai, India

    Given that embracing vegetarianism is part of life for many Indians, finding vegan food here is relatively easier. South Indian cuisine is heavy on lentils, rice, and coconut, which makes Chennai a vegan-friendly destination. Sample dosas, vadas, and idlis at Murugan Idli Shop, or enjoy an elaborate Thali meal at Annalakshmi Janatha.

    Although veganism is not widely recognized in India, staff at most food joints are usually willing to customize dishes to cater to vegan dietary needs.

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    4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Thai cuisine is intrinsically rich in plant-based dishes, making Chiang Mai a favorite vegan destination. The city hosts a plethora of vegan food joints that serve sumptuous meals. A handmade vegan pie from Free Bird Café contributes towards charitable activities, while blue-riced pad Thai from Pun Pun is a must-try.

    Time your visit with the Chiang Mai Vegetarian Festival to experience the ultimate vegan culinary treat.

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    5. Portland, Oregon, USA

    Famed for its food-cart culture, Portland features more than 20 all-vegan food carts scattered around the city. Its 50 veggie-friendly joints offer a wide variety of food options, ranging from baked goods to vegan sushi.

    Additionally, the Portland VegFest, a two-day event, provides a platform to learn about plant-based living, enjoy free food samples, and engage in cooking demonstrations.

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    6. Toronto, Canada

    Toronto has been making strides in the vegan food scene with its eclectic mix of plant-based eateries. From the cruelty-free comfort food by Doomie’s to the gourmet vegan tasting menu at Awai, Toronto has a lot to offer.

    Add to this, a handful of vegan bakeries, ice cream shops, and the annual Veg Food Fest, and you’ve got a vegan traveler’s dream destination.

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    7. London, England

    From vegan fish and chips at Sutton and Sons to a variety of vegan food markets like Vegan Nights and Hackney Downs Vegan Market, London is an exciting destination for vegan travelers. The capital city houses more than 150 vegan-friendly eateries and has dedicated vegan aisles in major supermarkets.

    Furthermore, a visit to London can’t be complete without trying an all-vegan afternoon tea at the Egerton House Hotel.

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    8. Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne’s ever-growing vegan food scene is hard to ignore. Whether it’s the 100% plant-based burger joint, The Vurger Guyz, or the vegan cheese shop, The Vegan Dairy, choice is plenty. Vegan feasts at Transformer Fitzroy, all-planted-based pizzas at Red Sparrow, or vegan pastries at Weirdoughs are just a few examples of the city’s vegan offerings.

    Whether you’re an ardent vegan or a curious traveler seeking to explore different culinary landscapes, these destinations are sure to cater to your dietary preferences while fulfilling your wanderlust. As you pack your bags for your next adventure, rest assured that these cities have got your vegan food cravings covered. Happy Vegan Voyaging!

    Why Travel as a Vegan:

    Vegan travel goes beyond just ensuring you stick to plant-based meals during your journey; it’s about embracing a global movement promoting ethical, sustainable, and compassionate living.

    Exploring the globe as a vegan not only lets you discover diverse vegan food cultures and cuisines but also gives you a chance to learn about local vegan movements, meet like-minded individuals, and share your own experiences and perspectives.

    The influence of global vegan travel helps promote the vegan lifestyle, as it boosts demand for vegan eateries and products, making veganism more accessible and encouraging non-vegan businesses to cater to the plant-based community.

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    Preparation Tips for Vegan Vacations:

    A successful vegan travel experience requires a bit of planning. Start by researching vegan-friendly or vegetarian restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores at your destination.

    Online platforms such as HappyCow are very handy for finding an organic restaurant or a vegan restaurant near you, no matter where you are. For accommodations, look for eco-friendly vegan hotels or homestays.

    Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find a purely vegan hotel in the area – even a vegetarian hotel is likely to offer a wide range of vegan dishes.

    If that’s not possible, book a place with a kitchen where you can prepare your meals. Pack vegan snacks for emergencies when vegan food may not be readily available. Join vegan travel social network groups as they provide advice, tips, and updates about local vegan happenings.

    Navigating Non-Vegan Cultures:

    While veganism is gaining global acceptance, it might be a challenge in countries where the concept isn’t well recognized. In such cases, clear communication is crucial. Learn essential phrases in the local language to explain your dietary restrictions (e.g. ‘food allergies’ or ‘gluten-free options’ and be specific about what you don’t eat. Bring a translator app or vegan phrase cards if necessary.

    Always carry a list of local vegan or “accidentally vegan” dishes and ingredients to simplify ordering. Consider cooking your meals when possible. Be patient and remember that promoting a kinder, more compassionate world through veganism is not always straightforward, and each small step matters.

    Best Travel Apps for Vegan Travelers:

    Navigating a new place in search of delicious vegan food can be a challenge. But with the right apps, you can easily locate vegan-friendly restaurants, stores, and more. Top vegan travel apps include HappyCow, which lists vegan and vegetarian restaurants worldwide, and Vegman, which helps you find vegan stores and restaurants near you.

    Essential Vegan Travel Gadgets:

    Traveling as a vegan can mean carrying some essential gadgets that make the journey smoother. A portable blender can be incredibly useful for whipping up your own fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. Silicone food storage bags are eco-friendly, handy for storing food on the go.

    A reusable water bottle keeps you hydrated while reducing your plastic waste. Finally, a travel-sized spice kit ensures you’re prepared to add a touch of flavor to any meal.

    Vegan Vacations

    Traveling as a vegan is no longer as daunting as it once was, thanks to the increasing global acceptance and popularity of the vegan lifestyle. From the bustling vegan-friendly cities like Berlin and Tel Aviv to vibrant food festivals like Portland VegFest and Vegan Summer Festival in Berlin, there’s a vegan haven to suit every preference.

    Coupled with practical planning, understanding of non-vegan cultures, use of useful travel apps and gadgets, and inspiration from vegan traveling celebrities, vegans can now enjoy a smorgasbord of plant-based delicacies around the world.

    The benefits of vegan travel extend beyond just delicious cuisine – it’s also about promoting a kinder, more sustainable world through ethical and compassionate living. So, pack your bags and get ready for your vegan adventure – the world awaits!

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