Do Vegans Have Lower Alcohol Tolerance?

Do Vegans Have Lower Alcohol Tolerance?

I recently heard online that vegans have lower alcohol tolerance. I haven’t witnessed this personally, but I was curious if this is true and why, so I did some research. Do vegans have lower alcohol tolerance? Vegans may have … Read more

Do Vegans Support the Use of Service Dogs?

Do Vegans Support The Use Of Service Dogs?

In my post about whether dogs and cats can go vegan, I briefly addressed the question of whether it’s contradictory for vegans to own pets in general. But one especially controversial topic is whether vegans support the use of … Read more

Should Vegans Eat Organic As a Rule?

Should Vegans Eat Organic as a Rule?

As a vegan who’s usually on a tight budget, I’ve usually eaten conventionally-grown produce rather than organic. But I’ve long wondered if vegans really should eat organic as a rule, to be ethically consistent. Recently I finally did some … Read more

Is It Bad to Have Non-Vegan Cheat Days?

Non-Vegan Cheat Days: Are They Wrong?

With many diets, it’s common is to include a “cheat day” or “cheat meal” about once a week. It can help you tolerate the restrictions for the rest of the time. But there is controversy about whether this applies … Read more

No, Veganism Is Not an Eating Disorder

Veganism Is Not an Eating Disorder

If you’re vegan for any major length of time, you will hear plenty of opinions about what is wrong with a vegan diet. Some people say the hardest thing about being vegan is dealing with uninformed things people say … Read more

Can Vegans Eat Fried Food?

Vegans And Fried Food: Everything You Need To Know

A lot of people switch to a vegan diet to be healthier, so it might be confusing to see a vegan eating french fries or potato chips. You might think it’d be strictly against the rules of a vegan … Read more