Is Cocoa Powder Vegan?

Is cocoa powder vegan?

It’s pretty obvious that something like “milk chocolate” isn’t vegan—it has “milk” in the name. But what about cocoa powder itself? Is cocoa powder vegan? Cocoa powder, in its pure form, is vegan. If “cocoa” is the only ingredient … Read more

Is Lactic Acid Vegan? What About Sodium Lactate?

is lactic acid vegan

“Lactic acid” really sounds like it might not be vegan… But that’s just because it sounds similar to “lactose,” which is in milk. As it happens, lactic acid is something else entirely. Is lactic acid vegan? Yes, lactic acid … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Energy Drinks

Is Monster Energy Drink Vegan

Which energy drinks are vegan? What is taurine, and is it really made from bull testicles? Are the BCAAs in Bang energy drink really sourced from animals? Today we’re talking all about vegan energy drinks! If you want to … Read more