How to Sweeten Oatmeal Without Sugar (18 Healthy Ways)

health ways to sweeten oatmeal without sugar

Refined sugar can take a detrimental toll on your health—potentially contributing to issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and some forms of cancer. For me personally, I found that eating refined sugar contributed to my acne. Whatever your … Read more

Are Baked Lay’s Vegan? (Which Flavors?)

are baked lays vegan

Personally, I love Baked Lay’s. Of course, one benefit is the reduced fat and calories compared to normal Lay’s. But for me, the biggest appeal is just the texture and taste. I far prefer them to Classic Lay’s. But … Read more

Is Calcium Chloride Vegan?

is calcium chloride vegan

The other day, I was reading the ingredients on some pickles and I saw “calcium chloride.” In my experience, most chemical ingredient names like this are vegan, but I still got curious about what it actually is. Is calcium … Read more

Vegan Timberlands: The Ultimate Buying Guide

vegan timberlands?

Did you know vegan Timberlands actually exist? Yes, you can wear these stylish boots without feeling guilty—and today, we’ll be helping you do exactly that! In this article, we’ll be presenting you with reviews of 6 of the best … Read more

Are Spring Rolls Vegan? What About Egg Rolls?

Are Spring Rolls Vegan

I love spring rolls. I order them most of the time when I go to Asian restaurants—and I’ve even made spring rolls myself at home. But honestly, sometimes I’m not even sure what all of the ingredients are. Are … Read more

Here Are 13 of the Best Vegan Sneakers for Men

Best Vegan Sneakers

Sneakers today come in all different styles. Not all are vegan—but luckily, many are made from synthetic materials and don’t include any animal products! Whether you’re looking for something extra colorful for your morning jogs or just some everyday … Read more