Is Italian Ice Healthy? Everything You Need to Know

Italian ice (or water ice) seems a lot “lighter” than ice cream. It’s dairy-free, it’s vegan, and it has an awesome texture. But is Italian ice actually good for you? Or is it just another sugary dessert? Italian ice is typically fat-free and low in calories compared to ice cream. However, it is still a … Read more

What Are the Vegan Options at Chicken Express? (2021)

Chicken Express is one of those restaurants that just wasn’t intended for vegans at all… Not only are the vegan options scarce—it’s hard to even figure out what’s vegan. However, today I’m using my 13 years of vegan dining experience to help map out the options. Vegan options at Chicken Express: Corn on the Cob … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Pie Five (2021)

Pie Five is one of the better pizza chains for vegans today. Although they don’t have any vegan meat toppings, they do have vegan cheese! And they have a couple good salad options you can make vegan, too. Vegan options at Pie Five: Farmer’s Market Pizza (Daiya Cheese, or Cheese-less) Margherita Pizza (Daiya Cheese, or … Read more

Are Hash Browns Healthy? It All Depends on This.

Hash browns are made of potatoes, and potatoes are vegetables… That means hash browns are healthy, right? Or are they unhealthy because they’re oily and salty? Well, you might be surprised. Hash browns can be quite healthy when prepared without oil or butter, and with added vegetables. They can actually be ideal for weight loss. … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at TCBY (2021)

TCBY is pretty decent from a vegan perspective. Along with two dairy-free froyo flavors, they also have a wider selection of fruity sorbets. Not to mention—you can get the sorbet mixed with Sprite in a “Sorbet Fizz”! Lots of yummy choices. Vegan options at TCBY: Chocolate Almond Soft Serve Dairy Free Coconut Soft Serve Kiwi … Read more

Is Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese Healthy?

Most people have heard a vegan diet is healthy. And so, they assume “vegan cheese” must be healthy, too. But what is vegan cheese actually made of? Today, we’re looking at one of the leading brands and asking: Is Follow Your Heart cheese good for you? Follow Your Heart cheese is not very healthy. Its … Read more

Are Hippeas Healthy? [More Sugar Than Cheetos]

I won’t lie—Hippeas are delicious. My mom brought some on a family trip last year, and I pretty much ate the whole bag before anyone else could have any… That said, I felt kind of disgusted with myself afterward! Hippeas are healthier than most “puff” snacks, with around half the sodium, 3x the fiber, and … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Rita’s Italian Ice (2021)

Rita’s menu is focused primarily on Italian Ice. And this means it is very vegan-friendly. I counted 61 vegan flavors in total! You can also get a chocolate-dipped cone and more goodies. Vegan options at Rita’s: Every Italian Ice flavor except “Chocolate Chocolate Chip” Every Sugar-Free Ice flavor Every All-Natural Ice flavor Cake Cone Waffle … Read more

Almond Milk and Bodybuilding: 5 Things You Should Know

Did you know that a cup of almond milk only contains ~4 almonds? It’s true. Almond milk is mostly just water. That said, how does it stack up against other “milks” from a bodybuilding perspective? Is almond milk good for bodybuilding? Almond milk is a good choice for bodybuilders while cutting, as the unsweetened version … Read more