What Does “May Contain Milk” Mean?

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As someone eating vegan or dairy-free, you’re going to be reading a lot of ingredient lists. Some labels, however, can be confusing. One of the most confusing for many is “May contain milk” or “May contain traces of milk.” … Read more

11 Oil-Free Vegan Snacks You Need to Try


If you’re new to eating an oil-free, low-fat, or whole-food vegan diet, it may seem at first like there aren’t many snack options… But as someone who’s been vegan for over 14 years, I can assure you—there are tons! … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Going Flexi-Vegan (Flexible Vegan)


There are so many different variations on plant-based diets. “Vegetarian” and “vegan” are just the beginning. With all the variations like “flexitarian” (usually-but-not-always vegetarian) and pescatarian (vegetarian except fish), it makes sense that a term like “flexi-vegan” would arise. … Read more

Can Animals Sense If You’re Vegan?

Can Animals Sense Vegans?

Can animals tell if you’re vegan? It’s such an interesting question. I kept hearing from vegans who said that animals have been more attracted to them since they adopted a vegan diet, so I decided to look into the … Read more

The Ex-Vegan’s Guide to Going Vegan Again

The Ex-Vegan's Guide To Going Vegan Again

I’ve seen a statistic claiming that over 80% of vegans end up quitting. I don’t know if that statistic is accurate or not, but I know it does happen often. But I also know many ex-vegans eventually decide to … Read more