What Are the Vegan Options at Benihana? (2020)

Hibachi is a fun dining experience—and Benihana is one of the leaders when it comes to hibachi chains in the United States. But what can you get as a vegan at Benihana? Vegan options at Benihana: Edamame Spicy Edamame Rice Salad Hibachi Vegetables California Rolls Beverages There are also several other menu items which may … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Sonic Drive-In (2020)

Sonic is a pretty fun place to eat, with the carhops on roller skates and all. Given that Sonic focuses on burgers and hot dogs, the menu is smaller for us vegans. But personally, I still think it’s worth the experience. Vegan options at Sonic Drive-In: French Fries Tater Tots Onion Rings Soft Pretzel Twist … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Outback Steakhouse (2020)

Steakhouses are just awesome places to eat as a vegan, aren’t they? Just kidding. But there are always a few vegan options you can scrape together. And this is true at the Australian-themed Outback Steakhouse, too. Vegan options at Outback Steakhouse: House Salad (without cheese or croutons) Pecan Chopped Salad (without cheese) Baked Potato (Plain) … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Wingstop (2020)

Wingstop is a chicken-wing restaurant with an aviation theme. Like most chicken-wing restaurants, it doesn’t have a ton of options for us vegans. That said, there are a few plant-based sides you can order. Here are the vegan options at Wingstop: Seasoned fries Cajun fried corn Veggie sticks Soft drinks Most of the flavors (but … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Taco John’s (2020)

Taco places tend to be good for vegans. You can usually get a bean burrito and chips, at the least. I recently decided to make some more complete vegan guides, however. When I reached out to Taco John’s to ask about all their vegan options, I was connected to someone on their Research and Development … Read more

Here’s Every Vegan Option at Applebee’s (2021)

Applebee’s isn’t too bad for us vegans. Unlike some chain restaurants, you can actually get full, and you have a few different options. That said, it requires special ordering and knowing your way around the menu. As someone who’s been vegan for 13 years, I can help you with that. Vegan options at Applebee’s: Impossible … Read more