How to Sweeten Oatmeal Without Sugar (18 Healthy Ways)

health ways to sweeten oatmeal without sugar

Refined sugar can take a detrimental toll on your health—potentially contributing to issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and some forms of cancer. For me personally, I found that eating refined sugar contributed to my acne. Whatever your … Read more

Do Vegans Have a Heightened Sense of Smell?

do vegans have a heightened sense of smell

I was recently surprised to hear from multiple different people that their sense of smell improved after going vegan. Personally, I did not experience this, maybe because I have allergies that get in the way of my sense of … Read more

Do Vegans Have Bad Breath?

Vegan Bad Breath

I recently heard someone say that most of the vegans she knows have bad breath (or as the medical world says, “halitosis”). I also remember seeing one guy online once say that his wife started complaining of his bad … Read more

Do Vegans Taste Better Down There? Really?

Do Vegans Taste Better?

Today I want to answer a funny but interesting question: Do vegans taste better, for real? And if so, why? I actually have a good amount of evidence to share about this. So, do vegans taste better? Vegans are … Read more

How to Get Six-Pack Abs with a Vegan Diet

how to get vegan six pack abs

Going vegan is a healthy choice that can lead to a positive body transformation—but that doesn’t mean you’ll get ripped just by going vegan. For me, a healthy vegan diet only took me so far. So how do you … Read more

Do Vegans Have Lower Alcohol Tolerance?

Do Vegans Have Lower Alcohol Tolerance?

I recently heard online that vegans have lower alcohol tolerance. I haven’t witnessed this personally, but I was curious if this is true and why, so I did some research. Do vegans have lower alcohol tolerance? Vegans may have … Read more

No, Veganism Is Not an Eating Disorder

Veganism Is Not an Eating Disorder

If you’re vegan for any major length of time, you will hear plenty of opinions about what is wrong with a vegan diet. Some people say the hardest thing about being vegan is dealing with uninformed things people say … Read more